SEA WASP - Explosive detector under water, piloted from the surface

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Explosive detector under water, piloted from the surface



Hunter's comment

The Sea Wasp is an explosive device detected underwater that is piloted from the surface, controlled by remote control, which can be used from various angles, even from the ground.

Sea Wasp has the highest technology, allows you to determine underwater threats by means of explosives, which helps your prompt intervention.
Designed to be operated in a personalized way, that is, obeying orders in any situation that is required; It is totally portable, it is easy to move, it also has sensors and lights, to better capture visibility and maneuver.



Hunter: @zeusfrank

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:point_right:I'm sure your hunt is "Undervalued". So i decided to give support. I hope it will be at least on top 100 today:point_left:

First, sorry for late reply :grin:
Hehe, this hunt is really safe for us to detect something dangerous.

This product looks cool. It has a specific problem it wants to address - detecting explosives underwater. My question or concern, is it durable to withstand the impact if ever explosive it's trying to detect explodes unexpectedly? I didn't see that in the hunt description so I'm not sure if it's meant for this type of impact.

This would make it easy for non swimmers to explore the underwater

I really like the design that this submarine drone has because it is compact and allows to explore in open waters and marine installations. Besides, the mine detection and deactivation system is something really wonderful to little by little clean the depths of the sea from so many dangerous artefacts


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Nice hunt@zeusfrank
Pros of this hunt

  • Explosive Underwater Detector
  • Determining underwater threats to save you from danger
  • Can operated from the surface
  • Portable and can move in any direction
  • Light, sensor and Camera
  • None so far

this will be great while exploring sunked ships and others, atleast only a bot will be destroyed

Sounds like a very innovative idea...