Why I Am Steel Here ?

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Hi everyone. @theycallmedan has a new initiative about knowing why we are still here in Steemit and take this opportunity to tell you many things.

Since they did the HardFork update, things did not go as expected or as we expected small fish. We are still small fish and we still see few votes, low pay and without many changes.

Before the Hard Fork I saw everything well since weekly I gathered a certain amount of SBD with which I handled myself with some personal expenses. After the Hard Fork and its significant changes I could witness the disappearance of many users, friends and family.


Source Google.

I asked them why they were leaving the platform and they all answered the same thing: It is no longer the same. There are no votes and therefore no rewards.It was something that hurt me a lot since I continued with faith in Steemit.

With my right hand placed on my heart I will make a deep confession. I have two years on the platform and I have tried many times to leave it and I tell you why?

I left him for a while, time in which I set out to look for another alternative on the internet. In that search I found many pages, all different, all pay but did not meet my expectations.

Some were just one topic, others didn't have so many communities or I just didn't stop thinking about Steemit.

One of the reasons I continue here is because of its variety of communities or niches. I love the challenges or contests in Steemit and I participate in all that I can. I am not a writer, but I make publications every day. I am not a photographer, but I am a fan of photos and I love to show my few skills. Steemit gives me the opportunity to be what I want to be.

When Facebook came out, I thought there would be no other platform that would take me away from it and Steemit came out and now I hope that no other one comes out but that it improves 100%.

With Tron and its acquisition of the steemit Inc. platform, I hope it is one of the best negotiations that has been done to improve this ecosystem.


Source: Google.

Just last week we were with the news and I saw a change in the rewards, they used the SBD again. Already this week, just a few days later they return to reward in Steem. Could it be that the change did not work?

These little things create a lot of doubts and distrust so I think it will not get people's attention to join the platform. They must do actions that attract attention and provide security to users.

I do not want to continue searching on the Internet what Steemit can give me as a complete system where the user is happy to spend all day, every day making original and quality publications.

I want to stay in Steemit because I LOVE STEEM.

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I agree steem has so much potential but never seem to move ahead... A reward is needed for good posts... When the reward is so little people will go elsewhere... Have fun in steemit while it lasts @isabelpena 😊


Thank you @manorvillemike. I work hard on everything I do on Steemit because I really like the platform, it's quite complete.