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Importance Of Colors in designing
Colors have much importance in all the aspects of living things colors can have a different meaning tone. The psychology behind colors is complex, but to keep it short, colors have certain emotions and ideas attached to it.

• White: The presence of all the colors formed the White. It is also the sign of peace. If you are desire to design which looks clean, clear, modern, innovative and minimalistic make use of white in your design so far.
• Black: The absence of all the colors is called Black. It is the symbol of sadness. If you are looking for a smooth, shiny and decent look in your design you should have to make use of Black it will be a really great thing for your design. Black also keep designs more simple۔
• Red: Red color has a great wavelength last of the light spectrum. It is the symbol of excitement, joy, passion, anger and danger. It’s a really good choice for youthful and loud brands designing and the brands that are seeking for grow up.
• Blue: Blue is the color of light, sky and sea, it also represents the heaven it lies between the violet and green on the spectrum. It is also the symbol of loyalty it is used for showing maturity and so far.
• Green: Green is really versatile and it is the symbol of nature and natural world in color spectrum it is placed between blue and yellow. It may work for any brand so far. It’s extremely perfect for every designer.
**• Orange: **Orange is sporadically used than the other like red blue green but it is the symbol of energetic. Orange is vibrant, playful and charming color.
• Yellow: Yellow is color of friendship and access. Yellow color is perfect choice cheerful and affordable designing it is also energetic.
• Brown: If you are working for totally unique work for an institute that is committed to style and fashion your choice of brown will help in fulfilling your plan.

• Gray: Gray color is the color of intimation if you are working for a firm which demands maturity and classical type design and darker look, you should must select Gray. It is also a shady colorGRAY.jpg
• Pink: Shy, purely you may say it girly color if you are working for a organization which is dealing to female firm then your first choice should be Pink. It makes your design more shiny.
• Purple: Purple is the stack of charm it is perfectly used in shades and like electric circuit type designing.

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