Steemit-101: Everything You Need To Know About Your Steem Wallet

3년 전

In preparation for the next wave of newbies! 😎


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Well done. This tutorial is the best I have seen to date and should be a must watch for noobs. If this was available months ago, I wouldn't have spent so much time down in that wabbit hoe. Thanks for your effort.


Thanks! Gonna keep them coming 😎


Question: I have my cell phone which I can log into Steemit with, but want to log in on a new computer (public). I did not bring a hard copy of my password with me. Can I find my password on my phone?

Thank you for the video. This was by-far the easiest to understand explanation. Of course, I've been reading and watching so many tutorials that every time there's more information already stored in my brain to help hold the new stuff.

I finally understand the difference between steem and SBD and how one can grow in value while the other one stay constant.


Great! Yeah, it's a lot to take in... but keep packing your brain lol 😎

That really was everything one needs to know about the wallet. Thanks, Dan!


Yeah lol, I didn't realize how much info there really was to cover until I started it 😎

@dan-atstarlite Excellent! Great tutorial! @Resteemed not only because it's great work but also because we're going to have a huge wave of newbies :)

Highest Regards


Thanks! The huge wave is indeed only a matter of time IMO

This is a great tutorial! I have to lean this by myself and I was so afraid to do something wrong! This will help a lot of new people in this community! Congratulations


Thanks! Hoping it helps.

Woww amazing video. Really easy explanation. Where have you been when i just came here? 😁😁😁


Very informative, you made it easy to understand what steem wallet is all about. Visual tutorial is far better from just reading the FAQ portion if you are just a newbie like me. Thank you for this!


Thanks! Yeah, I'd always rather watch a video than read FAQs.

Excellent brother, I'm glad that you're doing this I am catching myself happy to explain a lot and videos like this help for sure and we know that there is coming a big wave of people there going to be streaming over as soon as they understand how to use everything that's the problem so you did well and trying to explain some things and you know you sharpen some of the ones who have been on here for a little while to work and I hope to catch you on the next one. be well @dan-atstarlite

Thanks for the information and lighting up the dark rabbit hole...


Rabbit hole indeed 😎


love the show man. thanks for all the great info. i really dont like tether to be honest

wow........ very nice video. thanks for video sharing.

Great vlog, Dan! It's my 8th day active here as a newbie and this really helps.

Question: How do I move Steem down to Steem Dollars? Since I didn't have much I went ahead and powered it all up, but I'm not sure how I can move to Steem Dollars other than the 50% rewards. Thanks

Great video thank you this helps alot

fantastic video sharing,i like this post,very good job
thanks for sharing

Very good, and easy explanation :)

Outstanding perfomance for bitcoin...
Thank's for sharing

thanks for video sharing

Thanks for making this! I shared it with some friends that are still trying to understand it

When I was a newbie I went through all @Dan-AtStarlite videos. I cannot recommend him enough. Especially if you are new (and even your not), take the time to go through his video library. They are fun to watch and they will make you a better Steemian!

Thanks, interesting!

Nice post, did you actually check the value of the Steem Dollar it's about $13,00 at this moment ;-)

As a new member, I would like to know what is the best strategy to move forward between these 3 positions or wallet?

Thank you for you time... Very useful info.

great post 👍

Thankss good job !😄

Thank you so much! As am new here, this has given me alot of firm stand. But am humbly asking of you to help us more on how top promote our posts

Thanks Dan, this makes a lot more sense to me now :) Do you have any tutorials on how to get started with bitcoin, how to buy etc? The newbies guide to getting started with cryptocurrency so one can invest in Steem :)

Dan, this was excellent information. Well done. I am now following you and going to watch all of your tutorials to see what else I can learn.

Thank-you, I understood every word, and hope I understood instruction. Definitely coming to watch this again. Still learning navigation. Keep on keeping on!

I saw good information.

These are excellent videos, do you have a hub post linking to them all? Cheers.

Great post 🎁

this video helped me so much!! thanks dan!!!!!!

Another really good tutorial. I'd recommend everyone on steemit to watch this.. not just newbies. I definitely learnt a few things! :)