Exploring the park.

2년 전

Hello guys, we are here again with new post. And we want to tell you about our adventure in park #Allerheiligenpark.
We were doing some projekt #globalschool. We had to ask people about things for example what do they like about the park or How often do they spend time in the park? With who do they spend time in the park? What can be better in the park? what new can be in the park? And then we pointed the park for example we foun out what is in the park. Also we suvounded the shops around the park. I really enjoyed this work and it was #amazing to comunicate with people and found out a lot of new things. The fact is that the most of the people do not speak english and most of them are form foreign country.

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Nice short introduction of your work of today! Looking forward to read more about what you are exploring with us! =)


Thank you very much @globalschool :)