We are still here :)

2년 전

Hello guys,
So we're here again. We're only waiting for 4 business days.
Today we'll tell you something about last week. But now more about us. We go to work at 10am to 4pm so we work 6 hours each day. There are next 6 girls who are also going to the same school in the Czech Republic to work with us, but they have other tasks than we do.

Last week, we wrote to you the articles we were doing in detail. Together we painted T-shirts, cooked lunch and next, and there's a lot of fun here. This week we have the @silkroad40 as main theme that we'll learn more about.


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Wow that pizza looks awesome haha.
I'm a bit hungry right now. Come to Croatia this summer, try our pizza :).
Visit my profile for some travel guides.


It sounds very good. Thank you very much for your comment @interdeus :)