Join the “Lazy @workshops Sunday's” #Vienna! (SUNDAY 15th of April)

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Dear friends!


Would you like to discover Vienna stories and monuments that are out of the ordinary? Join us this next Sunday (15th of April 2018, 11am) to discover the most beautiful architectural and conceptual projects around you! Our tours are informative walks, that will offer information, inspiration and will live by the contribution by all who come. You will be surprised to see all the wonders that surround you.


As until July we will be receiving students from around the world within the @globalschool (whats that? find out here).

Within the @globalschool we are exploring the fusion of hospitality, collaboration, and @innovations (we call this process “the idea factory”) which leads us to think: “Someone visiting Vienna will want to know more than just historic facts or touristic places to see - that you can look up on Wikipedia much better :)”.

So why not connect entrepreneurs, locals, artists, simply people (we call them contributors) to join a walk around the city with you. This way you will find out stuff, that is not written in any guide or review. Information will be connected that usually is not.

Did you know for example that Vienna has a state of the art designed family policy? Not only is kindergarten education for free, parks and leisure time spaces throughout the entire city provide excellent conditions for children to enjoy their exploration. As we have a kindergarten pedagogue joining the tour, he will be able to contribute with what you want to know about Vienna from the eyes of a child. We will also have a crypto specialist joining, wanted to know where the next bitcoin or if we can a steem cash machine is and how Vienna is set up for #CryptoArt?

By joining the tour, you will not only have a city touristic inspiration, you will also see - and be invited to join - the efforts of the creation of the global collaborative @frameworks initiative supported by experiments such as the #HugInnVienna initiated by @manncpt and @opt2o and @frameworks (co creative residence, guest house and coworking space), with the help of @wolfgangsieberth and @generationeuropa. We decided to start to organize cultural meetups with local contributors who are invited to share their knowledge of the history of the city and enable the participants to get more into the local culture.

Join the cultural program

The guided tour in the city center starts from 11h and last for around 1h30 up to 2h.

Meeting point (11h A.M. CET)

The tour will begin at the meeting point which is located at the Opera House (nearest metro station: Karlsplatz).

The tour

Depending on who is joining to help guiding and on the interests of the participants, the tour will more or less be tailored - to not say improvised - considering the inspiration of the contributors and wishes of the group.

End of the tour

The tour will be finishing at around 13h at Stephansplatz in order to enable the group of students to access easily the public transport for their next itinerary. Do not hesitate to join at Stephansplatz to get an occasion to exchange with the participants and with us as well as to join the group picture. The more we are, the more fun it is =)

Lazy @workshops sundays

From this sunday we are also planning to organize regular “Lazy @workshops sundays” beginning around 14h at @frameworks with a "cooperative kitchen sunday & open table", a unique occasion to cook and lunch together.

Address: Allerheiligenpl. 16, 1200 Wien.
Doorbell: 21-22 ;-)

The idea is simply to offer to meet in another frame, cooking together, learning and discovering each other tastes for food and culture to finish simply the afternoon with talks around the open table to exchange in a cosy atmosphere, or help in developing the community garden project or participate to one of the workshop station available and introduced below.

Cooperative Kitchen Sunday & Open table



Buttons making

Create and print crypto art or collage to make your own buttons with the button maker machine. What about making steemit buttons?

Steemit 3d crypto art

Did you ever tried to use to print 3d crypto art or use a 3d printer?

Community garden & Plant swapping



As we made a successful experiment at Co-Space last year investing the donnations of the "pay as you wish" community kitchen popup project initiated by the @globalschool process with the aim to increase community engagement and provide a more warm touch to the coworking space made at the beginning in the most functional aspects, we decided to renew the concept ynd start an indoor garden inside the walls of @frameworks.


You can join for swapping plants or to contribute in developing the garden as well as to document it. All gardening and plants expertise, tips and tricks are welcome as the plan is to create an interactive guide and tools to enable the garden at some point to be also connected.

Mini Foot (Kicker) challenge

If the weather is not good it will also be possible to join the mini foot challenge for a short moment of fun. =)

All the activities are free for all participants with for sure always the possibility to #steemasyouwish! So, don't hesitate to join for the tour guide, the lunch or any other activity! We are looking forward to see you! =)

All the best,
The @globalschool

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It is a pity that I will not be able to appear there ... I keep my fingers crossed for everything to go your way, the trip will definitely be cool for everyone.!! ~ Paula


Thank you Paula for your lovely and encouraging message! We are really happy and glad to see you behind @ideamachine keeping contact with all of us and taking initiatives to empower the contributors and new comers. It means a lot to us! =)

We will be missing you and your photography skills during the tour guide and the next cycle which starts next week! =) We will do our best to post good articles to inspire you coming back and other to join! Maybe someday you'll be guiding new comers here in Vienna or a group coming in your city in Poland. Let's try to organize such things would be awesome! =)

Looking forward to meet you there! =)


We are excited to hear more from you about @innovations and @solidarity! ;)

Thank you for the invitation @jnmarteau! We are looking forward to collaborating with you to host @workshops and other events @frameworks. :)


Can't wait to start together! =)

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