7 days to get your unique co-created CC handmade t-shirt? #ideamachine @inyoursteem community project proposal

2년 전

Tomrrow and for the next two weeks with the help of @ccommons.art & friends, @globalschool participants will hold a serie of #cryptoart @workshops in Vienna to co create a serie of original handmade t-shirts with the participants of the "steem and eos com-lab".

As Juli, one of the 8 participant of this 3rd cycle of 2018 at the @globalschool loved the idea of developing a handmade t-shirt popup designer studio to support contributors of community projects such as #creative-commons, @ccommons.art, @globalschool, @inyoursteem or the recents @frameworks, @workshops and @solidarity.

Get a handmade t-shirt to support co-creation

This article is an @ideamachine community project proposal co-written with the aim to support notably #slothicorn, #creative-commons, @ccommons.art, @globalschool, @frameworks, @inyoursteem, @workshops, @hackathons and @solidarity contributors.


To make the support of creativity & entrepreneurship empowerement accessible with a form of reward for the supporters with one of a limited serie of handmade #CryptoArt t-shirts and its 7 days of bidding.

Help initiate self-sustained rewards systems to reward #creative-commons, #ccommonsart, #inyoursteem, @globalschool, @frameworks, @workshops and@solidarity contributors.


Bid min 10 SBDs. Regularly these next weeks we will share a serie of new creations on which you can bid on from their early stage of creation. Put in reply your bid in SBDs with the name of the t-shirt. The biggest bid will receive the T-shirt.

After a week, the highest bidder will be announced by a post on @inyoursteem with further explanations and the final results. When the transfert is done, you'll receive your original handmade t-shirt with a little surprise from us! =)

Select your t-shirt

Early stage of creation of the 1st serie. Other pictures of next stages and results will follow in next posts.

I support @slothicorn

I support @ccommons.art

This serie of 4 t-shirts is not finished yet, they will be finalized this Tuesday or Wedensday. We'll keep you updated!

I support @inyoursteem

More to come soon...

I support @creative-commons

I support @globalschool

Participatory budgeting proposal

Generating rewards to support creatives

If you all agree and love the idea, below, you'll find a proposal on how the min 10 SBDs bid can be used.

Equipment costs

4 SBDs to ensure to replace the stock of t-shirts (offered to the project by @generationeuropa) with newones to ensure new #cryptoart @workshops participants to enjoy! The amount should cover the t-shirt, logo(s) prints, paint and logistics costs, such as sending the t-shirt and considering the flucutation of the steem value.

Community empowerement

6 SBDs will be shared between the different accounts @ccommons.art, @inyoursteem, @globalschool, @frameworks, @workshops and@solidarity.

Steem power delegation

50% of the amount above the 10 SBDs will be invested in SP to power the various community projects.

@solidarity budget

The other 50% of the amount above the 10 SBDs will be sent to @solidarity to ensure a good cooperation with @inyoursteem helping steemian in need of urgent help.

Your participation in a co-creation of a t-shirt will raise its value! Join us one of these days!

What do you think about this proposal? I am looking forward to read your inputs, see you participating and supporting this initiative!

with a lot of love,

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Merci pour ton message Caroline! :))))) Would be really pleased if you come around, just for sharing your experience, make some food, t-shirts or eat with us! We have steemit #meetup and @workshops everyday of the month until the 28th! Hope you'll find an occasion to join!


I will try! If I'm in Vienna for sure :-D


Woul enjoy to see you again! =D


Thank you ;-D