Towards "com-lab" steemit-austria @meetup #food & @workshops Monday with & @globalschool (EN/DE/FR)

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Just back from the supermarket to buy the ingredients for the Coopertive Kitchen & Table Monday and to prepare the steemit "com-lab" (community lab) meetup welcoming & introduction session! I can't wait to meet the participants of the 3rd cycle of the @globalschool, see @wolfgangsieberth, @manncpt, Philipe from @silkroad40 and other steemians joining!


Cooking together,
learning &
having fun

Introduction session to the "com-lab"

Celebrating the #iotday on this 9th of April, the "com-lab" aims to make a need assesment in order to pubish a serie of community proposals implementing blockchain based self sustained rewards (autonomous) systems to empower the communities of practices. The outcomes of com-lab aims to enable the exnovation, co-design and blueprint of projects such as @frameworks. + Future media ecosystems with @innovations + Future of co-creation, IOT & blockchain for social good with & friends + Future of learning with @globalschool, @generationeuropa & @solidarity + Future of hospitality with @manncpt & @opt2o + Future of travel with @silkroad40 + Future of @steemit @meetup with @workshops & @hackathons + #ubi universal basic incomes with @frameworks and @wolfgangsieberth

Angeliki Angeletou & Jean Marteau at the Award ceremony organized by the city of Vienna in September 2014.

@ideamachine blueprint - Publikum Preise with 13500 votes at the City Hype contest organised by the Vienna Business Agency in 2014.

ok I have read all the info again and the post
and there are a lot of amazing ideas
the most exciting is the combination between organic/ human /plan/ division -reproduction system with the digital algorithmic decentralized blockchain to result in sustainability

that is the thing that I would like to understand more (technical) and am inspired by to give my visual art expertise
what I am curious about and still wish to understand is the link between the physical place with the remote online engagement to make it feel combined
the idea of a cyber garden where algorithm is triggered and influenced by human engagement for it's function - I think that is genius but I would like to know the how
I don't know if that is the possible solution but just about the experience and not the tech behind, a virtual reality type of site/platform where instead of the typical window openings the user can travel within the physical space online trough VR
and the reverse (in the physical space)could be artworks on the walls(everywhere-like a puzzle map game) in all the spaces with qr codes that send you to the site/social platform vr spaces
also this is a big amazing unified idea that is exciting for everyone and I would have to write my own proposal in my plain non tech style with ideas - but the most important aspect and advice that I am again and again repeating and told you @jnmarteau is that you would have to talk to the tech infrastructure team (because the idea has extensive huge infrastructure-in order to link the online with the physical the human organic with the algorithm and blockchain ) is to go for EOS for the site/platform construction
yes Steemit is a good first base reward and advertising tool but already surpassed by what eos will bring
eos blockchain is the only one that could sustain a big heavily engage /lot of data platform and also it offers founding for new exciting projects
so pleas please please look into it or tell the people in charge of the tech to look into it - @alexandravart (initiator of &friends)

Lets try together to reply to questions such as How can blockchain technology be applied to open science or online education? - quora

Plants Swapping & steemit community garden


Join for the swapping, the gardening or just enjoying to share tricks, know-how and imagine how to connect and develop the community garden together with the @globalschool participants!

and more....



@wolfgangsieberth (@generationeuropa)

Allerheiligenpl. 16, 1200 Wien
doorbell 21-22.

Google Map


EN: Monday, 09. 04. 2018, from 13h00 on DE: Montag, am 09. 04. 2018, ab 13.00 Uhr FR: Lundi 09. 04. 2018, a partir de 13h00

(up to the 28th everyday!)

Looking forward to see you there today or one of these next days, as the steemit & eos "com-lab" will be held every day until the 28th of April and be clotured with the 1 on 1 talks and the afterparty with @tigerkid (joining from Germany) organized by @manncpt & @opt2o with the support of @nicoletta and of our lovely @mammasitta .

picture by @manncpt

Ps: I'll update as soon as possible the article with the full french and german version, but need to speed up! Thank for your comprehension, support and everything! I love to see the community growing and empowered together!

With a lot of love,

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