The fight against domestic violence


Everyday, things are happening around the world which are sometimes good, bad or even ugly that we cannot find words to describe them because they are worse than bad. One of the problems faced in most households which appear deadlier than a chronic disease is DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.
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Domestic violence is the physical, emotional, etc abuse inflicted on someone with the intention of hurting, causing harm, pains and in some cases death.
This is mostly rampant in marriages and cohabitation too.
It includes but not limited to verbal abuse, using physical force like kicking, spanking, punching, slapping, etc...
Most reported cases of failed marriages and family break up can be traced to domestic violence as the root cause.images-1.jpg(photo credit: Opera image)
There have been countless cases of domestic violence and as someone who loves advocating for human rights, I had to write this up.
In most cases of this societal menace, women have always been the victim because they are the weaker ones. Though there have been cases where men suffer domestic violence too but women have had moreimages-3.jpg

From my survey, I have found out that marriage is the only unit of the family with most cases of domestic violence. Sometimes, it could be between father-child, or mother-child but husband-wife and boyfriend-girlfriend cases have been more prevalent.
One of the striking causes of this problem is that

partners really don't understand each other before heading into marriage.images.png(Image source: Opera)
Taking time to know your partner's way of life, attitude, temperament and behavior is extremely significant before heading into marriage.
Most people just believe they love each other and boooom!!! they head straight into marriage and after marriage, different characters, lifestyles and behavior begin to show up and at this point, it is difficult to control and there you go, disagreement sets in and eventually leads to domestic violence.
Another thing is that couples fail to continuously tell each other how much they love, respect and admire each other. You cannot raise your hands at your wife or husband if you truly love and respect them. Constant intimate communication between spouses can help to solve this problem to an extent.

Another cause of domestic violence is; most people fail to understand that their spouses come from a very different background with different way of life, teaching, mentoring, belief, etc and they actually expect them to just come in and blend with their own lifestyles, NO. It takes time to achieve that. That is why one has to have a full understanding of his or her partner before any future commitment.

The effects are just too numerous to list out.
Any person who cannot manage his or her family, should not be given any leadership position because leadership starts from the family and extends to the society.
At first, domestic violence brings about family separation............

To be continued..
Pls expect the next phase of this writing soon.

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