What if each #tag had it's own reward pool?

4년 전

It could reduce bandwagoning and equalize rewards over the whole spectrum of topics and communities. The reward pool for each tag should be in direct proportion to the total weights of votes per tag. Each topic would thus have a reward pool proportional to it's popularity on Steem, and within that topic/category the rewards would be split in proportion to upvotes squared.

Some positive effects would be:

  1. The amount of popular tags might increase
  2. The diversity of the community would be expressed much better
  3. Rewards would be better distributed over the whole spectrum of interests
  4. Bandwagoning on prominent bloggers would decrease

The negative side-effects include:

  1. People would post under wrong tags to gain attention
  2. The run-time memory requirements of nodes would increase

I think those would be solvable problems.

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Welcome to Steemit :)
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I don't know about that, i'd have to think about it further. But at first glance it doesn't look like a high priority. I'm much more for a solution like i proposed in my article Trending posts finally made me realize the main problem with SteemIt and how to solve it!

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all people use wrong tag and people may be greedy and selfish for the reward.
blogger will be increase but not the real type of blogger who post some knowledgeable stuffs.pool will not be pool it will be a dumping site.who hold all the nonsense things.