Mysterious email from

9개월 전

Heard What's Happening at Steemit?
Steemit Inc.

To: jerrytsuseer

Check out what's happening at Steemit!
Hi jerrytsuseer, we miss you at (WHY? WHERE DID I GO?) and wanted to catch you up on all the cool things happening over the last year and more good things to come:

Come back to and rejoin this vibrant community.
Stay tuned for more and Steem on!
-The Steemit Team-

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Our mailing address is:
815-A Brazos, #180, Austin, TX 78701

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So, since "I" Never went anywhere, can I therefore

Assume that this is a spam letter? Why would #steemitinc send
Me a letter urging me to "Come Back and rejoin this community"
When I have been plugging along every day?
Please advise

These .gifs were created for me by @coquiunlimited; many thanks

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I got the same email too

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@cecicastor told me in discord that SHE had gotten one, in NICARAGUA!
So it was a scattershot email waste of time.
Thanks Liz.