10,000 ACOM BSC Giveaway On Twitter In Association With New Launched Coins

29일 전


We are pleased to announce that ACOM is giving away 10,000 ACOM BSC. Yes that's correct we are giving away $2000 worth of ACOM and you guys should come and check out what that means for you at:


The wonderful Alice from New Launched Coins is running the giveaway and to take claim your tokens there are 2 things you have to do:

1. Follow the above Twitter account

2. Join the ACOM Discord

3. Join the New Launched Coins Discord

That's it! That's all you have to do guys. So get on it and enjoy some free ACOM.

A link to the ACOM Discord server is here:


Also, if you want to join the New Launched Coins Discord server you can do it right here:


The ACOM Team




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You can now upload images, that's something. But don't dare type the word that's because it won't work, try it and see what happens! Lots of bugs that need sorting out in this Steemit update.


Hello, @acom Team Thank You for this wonderful initiative. I am keen to participate in this amazing giveaway.

According to the conditions, I have followed the Twitter account as well as both the discord; ACOM and New Launched Coins - Airdrops and as proof screenshots are given below.




Thank You ACOM

Hello dear friends @acom good afternoon
This is great news, we are pleasantly surprised every day.
I appreciate very much that you are giving away $ 2000 dollars, who would not want to obtain an equal prize.
Done all the tasks to participate in the draw
I take this opportunity to wish the whole team a splendid weekend, and good luck to everyone in the draw

Just followed your new Twitter account, do you have two Twitter accounts now? I was following your other account....
Good to see post are behaving now, enjoy the weekend!😊

Amigo,que gran noticia, elpremio maravilloso para elque participe y gane, quisiera participar perono tengo ni computador ni internet,esto es prestado para steemit,ojala pronto resuelva,es por motivo economico que no los tengo,saludos y suerte en todo lo que emprenda.

  ·  26일 전

Did all 3 of them. I hope you post more info about the airdrop.