A way to get a lot of followers

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This is a way to get followers if you don't have any fans or audience outside steem. There are two reasons for whales. 1) They have an audience outside steam 2) They have invested steem so they have more steem power.

A way to to get more followers fast is simply going to someone's profile like mine steemit.com/@affltr and then click "followers and following" and then just follow people.

I have followed over 5000 people and I have over 400 followers at the moment.

I have to mention that following takes steam power and I get this message when I run out of power:

"affltr bandwidth limit exceeded. Please wait to transact or power up"

After that message, I can't do anything e else but wait.

I hope this helps some newbie to get more followers.

Please upvote and resteem!

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Just taking this opportunity to say "THANK YOU FOR FOLLOWING ME"

you dont want passive followers tho, you want active ones :/

so engaging with them/creating good content should help much more


Yes that's true.. But some of them are active users anyways and passive users doesn't matter.It's better than no users at all. Active users are a lot better, I agree!

Here's something that might help -
this site lists a member's followers,
along with info on when they last posted and when they last voted
(should help to weed out inactive followers):


Hey nice post you have my upvote

I did not know that. you have to have steem power to follow people? guess that's why I kept getting that message yesterday evening.

anyway, following you now!


Yes, seems like it takes steem power. Whales who has invested doesn't have that problem.


Yes, any change you make on the platform will use some computing resources, and you have limited usage of Steem resources. You can use only x% of these resources, where x is the proportion of Steem that you possess. That's the Steem natural defense against SPAM, and it's an awesome and efficient idea :)

thanks for the info

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Amazing post! Didn't know about this, I'm still a bit confused about the steem power system. Thank you for that helpful information. You well deserved my vote !

Upvoted :)
Your Post is useful thanks for sharing :)
I started following you .. please follow me back so I can support you more.