What does the steem symbol beside an article mean?

6개월 전

Hi everyone,

I have a question about the steem symbol beside an article. As the below image shows, 3 of my previous articles didn't have but the last one had the symbol beside the title.


I've searched steemit and the internet in general for what having the symbol beside an article actually means but couldn't find anything.

Can anyone help explain this to me?

Appreciate the help and time.



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It means that the author selected the option to be paid 100% in steem power instead of 50% SP and 50% liquid steem (or SBD when applicable).


Aha! Makes sense now. Thanks @onthewayout for helping out a steem newbie! I know the advantage of 100% SP is more influence but are there other advantages apart from the 1/13 rate of powering down?


I didn't know either, so thanks to you I just learned, hahaha


Thanks @syllem. Glad the post was helpful. Greetings too.