tragedy of oil wells drill aceh in disaster

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Flashback: Oil Flowing All Time tragedy aceh in di saster imageI gather data in the field

Oil is contested since the fame of Peureulak Kingdom, Pasai, Sriwijaya, Majapahit, industrial revolution, until now.

the giant flame was sticking out of the chimney stuck about a thousand meters from the inlet of the earth Bukit Takteh, Peureulak, East Aceh. natural events that have been engineered by scientists and technicians of mining is not happening in the field of fenced guardrail with solid security, but from the sidelines of the tens of thousands of hectares of oil palm plantations.

this scene is not only in Bukit Takteh, but also often found in other places in East Aceh. Even in some locations suddenly issued crude oil goods a few tanks. since leaving the oil mining company PT Asamera due to the prolonged conflict between the Free Aceh Movement and the Government of the Republic of Indonesia, the oil and gas wells numbering up to hundreds of dots, are abandoned.

natural and abandoned technology was used by planters to plant oil palm trees as raw materials for cooking oil and margarine. Steel pipes that serve as cashing removed by strangers, the goods are not caught rimbanya. I do not know who did it. the authorities are not unwilling to investigate, but some are more valuable than just mutual accusations: peace and safety.

in the peaceful nature, especially after the 8.9 earthquake on the Richter Scale and the devastating tsunami that struck Aceh on 26 December 2004 and the signing of peace in Helsinki, Finland, 2006, the conflict in Aceh subsided. Rebuilding is excited.

oil and gas of East Aceh which had been abandoned, re-contested by various national and multinational mining companies. Later, oil and gas company PT Medco E & P Indonesia and PT Pasific Oil became the winners. both companies then revived the abandoned oil wells.

Oil in East Aceh is worthy to be contested and turned on by investors, because it has a large enough content. now, the energy potential in Peureulak State is estimated to contain oil reserves of 13.402 million barrels, while the newly explored 2,377 million barrels. as for the potential of the ground gas is estimated to reach 17,252 BSCF, with 15,110 already explored, and 2,415 BSCH considered potential.

according to Head of the East Aceh Regional Development Planning Agency, Irham, the production of petroleum produced in Kecamatan Pante Bidari amounted to 724,000.53 barrels. Oil and gas are in ten sub-districts. other than in Pante Bidari, also in Birem Bayeun, Sungai Raya, Peureulak, Nurussalam, Indra Makmur, and Julok.

Rupaya oil mines in East Aceh have a long history. According to H.M. Zainuddin in his book, Tarich Atjeh and Nusantara (1961), oil was first discovered in Peureulak in the 14th century. In its time, kerosene was used to light a lamp, a medicine, to a tool of war or attack an enemy.

when Peureulak and Samudera Pasai were to be controlled by Majapahit Kingdom in 1350, Peureulak and Samudera Pasai forces used kerosene as a battle ammunition. "Kerosene is used to burn enemy ships or boats," Zainuddin wrote.

initially the Majapahit expedition attacked the Pasai Ocean, but the attack by the sea was thwarted a powerful Pasai Army troop to the Peureulak border. In the second attack, Majapahit uses sea and land routes. yet another sea attack broke Ocean Pasai at Kuala Jambo Air and Lhokseumawe.

The Majapahit troop that used the land route was repulsed between Peureulak-Peudawa, then retreated to the sea and across from Peuerulak kuala. Majapahit warlords reportedly suffered many losses.

"Because the ships in the river and kuala are attacked with bamboo rafts filled with kerosene burned," said Zainuddin. the burning bamboo rafts were washed away, thus burning the Majapahit ships that were docked in kuala and Peureulak rivers.

as science continued to grow and the world was hit by the industrial revolution of the eighteenth century, European nations competed for fossil fuel to drive machines.

as one of the areas that produce kerosene, Peureulak also became famous, the target as well as the seizure of many rulers and foreign companies. Even the Dutch government attempted to colonize the land of Aceh by first seizing the Peureulak oil mine.

when the Dutch led by Kaptain Colijn landed in Peureulak in the 1870s, he had had the information that in Rantau-Panjang, Peureulak, there was a kerosene well. When it was spread the news of the villagers drawing crude oil using banana seedlings.

the oil is then put into the bamboo (pacok). At the end of the oil-filled bamboo is then clogged with coconut husk or cloth, for the next the wet plugs by the oil are fired by fire, be a lamp or a torch.

the mastery of Peureulak made Colijn bring great benefits to the Dutch government and himself. It turned out that besides he made a report to the government, he also sold the news of the oil content in Peureulak to the kerosene (maatschappy) company.

Colijn's work is not in vain. for his services in 1897 a Dutch oil company, Holland Perlak Petroleum Maatschappy, called for oil exploitation concessions in Alur Mas (Alue Meuih).

then in 1908 the oil company Bataafsche Petroleum Maatchappy (BPM) also opened an oil drilling on Rantau Panjang, across the Alur Mas River about 3 kilometers from Alur Mas. all the kerosene was flowed using a pipe that reaches 128 kilometers to Pangkalan Brandan.

There, the oils are processed and exported abroad. indeed, at first the oil company will make an oil processing plant in Rantau Panjang Bayeun, but because the uleebalang Peureulak country, Teuku Chi Muda Peusangan Abu Bakar did not want to be responsible, finally the oil was flown to Pangkalan Brandan.

history noted, Peureulak oil mine produces the most kerosene. "At that time there were no oil wells elsewhere, only in Peureulak and Langkat," Zainuddin said. It was not until 1928 that a kerosene well was found in Rantau Kuala Simpang and in Cunda, Lkoseumawe.
Hi friend steemit stretch out your hand to lighten the burden of our brother in peureulak acehOur news can be from the scene and hospital .@stephenkhendal@khusairi@candyman and ambasador promo-steem... DISASTER REPORT OF DISASTER
pusdalops-PB, BPBD Aceh Timur
Reporting .......

"W a k t u
Date: April 25, 2018
Hours: 17.35 wib.

has been happening fire of public wells owned by community in Desa / Gampong Pasir Putih Subdistrict Ranto Peureulak district of East Aceh around 02.10 wib dawn caused 11 org died and 40 people injured. residents who live around the fire area have a panic because the fires are located around the settlements and officers of East Aceh damkar are still anticipating that the fire will not affect the houses of the community by splashing water and other extinguishers at the scene.
"Soul victims: 16 souls. List of dead victims:

  1. Nazarullah (30th), a resident of Gampong Pasi Putih
  2. Afrizal (35th), a resident of Gampong Punti Payong
  3. Era bin M. Siddiq (32th), a resident of Gampong Pasi Putih
  4. Siti Hafizah (70th), a resident of Gampong Pasi Putih
  5. Mak Wen (55th), a resident of Gampong Bhom Lama
    6.nini bin Abdul Wahab (32th), Gampong Bhom Lama
  6. Riska Ardiansyah, a White Citizen
  7. Eridansyah, Residents of Alue Two
  8. Sudariyono, a resident of Alue Batee village
  9. Zubir's son, a citizen of the Old Bhom
  10. Dedi Saputra (25th), resident of Ranto Peureulak
  11. M.Rafi
    13.Siti Rahya (white rice)
  12. Muklis
    16 .riskal

Number of houses burnt 5 units, among others:

  1. House owned by Siti Hafizah (70th)
  2. House owned by Zainabah (85th)
  3. House owned by Ridwan Hutabarat (40th)
  4. Maryani's house (60th)
  5. House owned by Muhammad Yanis (45th)

The number of victims wounded 43 people. List of injured victims:
Graha Bunda-Idi Rayeuk Hospital:

  1. Julianta Putra (27th), resident of Gp. Land of Anoe-Idi Rayeuk
  2. M. Nur (42th), resident of Kec. peureulak west
  3. Yusri (36th), resident of Kec. Pantee Bidari
  4. Puta Maulana (28th), Kec Ranto Peureulak
  5. Junaidi (33th), resident of Kec. Peureulak Barat

Zubir Mahmud-Idi Rayeuk Hospital

  1. Effendi hamid (50th), resident of Ranto Peureulak Sub-district
  2. Adnan Saputra (30th), resident of Ranto peureulak
  3. Irnawan (34th), resident of Kec. Ranto Peureulak
  4. Agussalim (26th), resident of Kec. ranto Peureulak
  5. Isaac (48th), resident of Kec. Ranto Peureulak
    6.burhanuddin (38th), resident of Kec. Ranto Peureulak
  6. Suheri (31th), Kec. Ranto Peureulak
  7. Sapriyadi (25th), Kec. Peureulak Barat
  8. Haikal Fikri (15th), Kec. Peureulak Barat
  9. Jumadi Amin (40th), Kec. Peureulak west
  10. Junaidi (31th), Kec. Peureulak west
  11. Saudah (50th), Kec. Ranto Peureulak
  12. Halimah (70th), Kec. Ranto Peureulak
  13. Murniyati (37th), Kec. Ranto Peureulak
  14. Fatahillah (12th), Kec. Ranto Peureulak
  15. Al-Husairi (21th), Kec. Ranto Peureulak
  16. Rifki Mauliansyah (23th), Kec. Ranto Peureulak
  17. Muklis Rusli (42th), Kec. Peureulak west
  18. Agus Faizir (35th), Kec. ranto Peureulak

Sultan Abdul Aziz-Peureulak Hospital

  1. Akbar (18), a resident of Gp. Old Bhom
  2. M. Ridwan (21), a resident of Gp. White Pie
  3. Zainuddin (38), a resident of Gp. Leuge
  4. Muksal Mina (24), resident of Gp. Alue Rambong
  5. Mahyuddin (18), a resident of Gp. White Pie
  6. M. Yusuf (40), a resident of Gp. White Pie
    7.hafifuddin (36), a resident of Gp. Old Bhom
  7. Saiful (28), resident of Gp. Awe Udep
  8. M. Husin (35), a resident of Gp. Lubuk Pempeng
  9. Sari Yulis (25), resident of Gp. Tempen
  10. Muhammad Yani, resident of White Pasi
  11. Radiati (25), a resident of Gp. White Pie
  12. M. faisal (18), a resident of Gp. Old Bhom
  13. Heri Herliza (19), resident of Gp. Tawan Tani
  14. Umar hamzah (45), a resident of Gp. Beusa Beuranoe
  15. M. Faisal Rizal (30), resident of Kec. Peudawa
  16. M. Razi, a resident of Gp. Alue Two
  17. Muklis (46), a resident of Gp. Alue Two
    19 Zainal Abidin (35), a resident of Gp. White Pie

bPBD Aceh Timur received a report from the public at 02.15 on the fire of a citizen's oil well. The cause of the fire has not been determined. Fires are rapidly rising and rising
panic residents whose house is very close to the location of the fire.
up to the time this report is issued fire can not be extinguished. Damkar, BPBD, TNI, and POLRI officers are still on standby at the scene of the fire to anticipate the impact of widespread fires to community settlements.

BPBD involves deploying 4 (four) units of the Damkar fleet and is assisted by TNI, Police,
The Rapid Expression Team (TRC) to extinguish and provide protection to communities around the fire location

Similarly Daily Report Pusdalops-PB BPBD. Kab. East Aceh.

Pickup Officer Pusdalops PB BPBD Aceh Timur:
Hasanuddin, SKM
Rizky Iman Perdana

Address: East Aceh Government Center Complex
Jl. Banda Aceh - Medan KM. 370
Titi Baroe Village Kec. Idi Rayeuk

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