Cheetah choice right or wrong or bug

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Hello Steemians,

I am here about 2 or 3 month and meanwhile i wrote more than 30 long posts (or more). I started with #discography tag and using that i get cheetah warning.
First thing when you write something that exist like discography you cant omit their work (you can`t rename album name, for example AC/DC published).. etc. 

Here is one of the links for checking it.

One of the posts

That is not a problem as much is problem with my website that is listed as mine in profile. 

Some articles i wrote there and shared here. They are all written in cyrilic on my native language. So i decided to translate some of them on English and post here. Doing that i get more warnings for MY WORK.


I can suggest that bots should first check users website that is listed as part of users profile before posting warning comment. That will save resources and time in searching for real plagiarism and that will allow faster time of finding it. 


Here on Steemit we have numerous users with personal blogs. They will have same problem (or already have it) and also a bit problem finding who and where to talk about. As new member of Steemit that can get tricky.

Big tweak is suggestion that Steemit should automate verifying users websites. That procedure can be solved in several ways:

1. One way can be tracking code like on Google or any other social network and demands hours of developers work to make it happen. 

2. Second way can be little less painful is to add Profile email field below Users website link where we can enter official email from users website and one more text field for code that will be sent to that email. As soon as we save that page, email from steemit should be sent with simple code (123456). 

Any way that being choosen it should be done. That will save a lot of time for members that are working on those problems and it will make much easier life for authors who will get whitelisted.

I hope that all authors and curators agree with this. Thank you.

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You're right on that. It would solve a lot of problems steemcleaners have to deal with. It's a great idea to automate verification and it would prevent a lot of identity theft.

Right now, although there are a lot of users with their own websites, there's a lot more users who are finding personal websites and then doing everything in their power to assume the person's identity. They stalk them on Facebook, make fake profiles on social media platforms the user may not already have, etc. All because they want to use the person's photos and work.

In 2016 there was a verification service as I recall where you send a payment in and they'd verify your account (with the information you'd provide). They stopped doing that due to the influx of users. Now we do it in steemcleaners, in the same way we did yours. We found it because someone else reported your account. They weren't sure if it was just another impostor as, as I said, there's a lot of impostors.

Your tags are off in this post btw. Utopian-io is an automatic tag that the utopian site will put on if you post through it. Jerrybanfield also has absolutely nothing to do with the site, he's another user and one of the witnesses.


You are right about tags, i didnt know which tags to put and im sorry but i was little in hurry, searching for similar type of post and copied tags so i could respond to email and write post(was in the middle of writing it). Verification shouldnt be payed just because of imposters. I presented few simply solutions for that and i hope that will be realized in near future.