Steemit Is So Unbalanced.

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I think Steemit is very unbalanced and discourages people who make awesome and legitimate content and makes it super hard to grow. I understand growing on steemit isn't an instant thing and takes time, and that you need to make connections. Connections mean a lot on this platform, and can really help your growth if you make good connections with the right people.

Now keep in mind, there are many components to being a successful steemian. The components include having connections with the right people, making consistent and good content, and having exposure. Now about the exposure thing; it is HARD. Having a good exposure is really hard unless you are a dolphin or whale already. Not only do a lot of dolhpins and whales have their own clique and upvote each other and themselves, but the spam on this platform is just crazy. We have a bunch of spam bots and spam accounts on this platform spam posting as a rate faster than you may or may not know. All of the good content is drowned out by spam posts, which is not only discouraging...but SUCKS!

I mean look at it from a person who tries their best to make consistent and quality posts and only gets pennies. You have these people self voting and you have so many spammers. How in the hell are you going to grow on this platform and get your word out? I understand that you shouldn't have any post earning expectations, but it is frustrating when you are trying to grow bigger and have more visibility to get your message more "world wide".


The selfishness on this platform is just so cringy. Just look at what @kiwicanfly said about his encounter with a whale.

"This is my second week on Steemit and from what I've observed on the platform, I totally agree. It first came to my attention when Jerrybanfield made the post about the biggest whale on the site, mindhunter. I came across mindhunter on my first day, saw one his posts and followed him. I had no idea that he was a whale at the time (I didn't really know much about whales tbh). I commented on one of his photos and he replied "Me too" and he got $60+ for it. That felt really dirty to me. Now I make sure to look at accounts before following to make sure they aren't so selfish as you said."

Again, exposure is everything, and it is getting harder and harder to get with all of the spam drowning out all of the good posts and the massive amounts of people joining. That is why the people who joined steemit early did so well because there were less spammers and more visibility. Also, steem power and delegation also means the world too, more steem power equals more visibility/exposure.
So my suggestion; make connections with the right people, post quality content regularly, don't spam, and keep a positive attitude. It takes a while to grow on steemit, so be patient.

-I have hope for my life,family, and friends thanks to steemit-1 (1).png

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The platform is still very long, so we are all early adopters. So I consider ourselves all lucky. Is steemit still in beta stages? It still seems unstable especially with the esteem app.

Anyways, I totally agree with you on the spam part. So mant people here put out quantity over quality and it makes no sense. Like in your other blog posts painting an unflattering picture of whales and dolphins, someone obviously didnt read it and commented, "nice."


Keep steeming forward, you never know what the next days hold for you or anybody. If you believe in your own content than you will find others believing in you.


Sound advice my friend!

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I just come on to have fun, not really worried about making connections. I get a few pennies once in awhile, which is more than I get from facebook. :)

Good analysis. Final comments are common sense.

Steemit is the beginning, not the end. Other "steemit" clones will be coming out. Next time we'll be early adopters in the "next" platform since we have been part of this community and are aware of the potential.

FYI, Do you think Google was the 1st search engine..... it wasn't

You are one of the people here that gives honest ideas here. I believe there is a remedy, and hopefully the ones who have good content will rally behind us when that day comes, us because I really want you to be a part of this in the coming weeks. Be vigilant, we can make things happen here working CLEANLY and UNSELFISHLY as a team. At all levels of spciety, there is always the GOOD and the EVIL. We just have to look for the good ones.


Me, I just barely started here on Steemit. XD I haven't really had that much time to get into it any further, since my scheduled just got slammed between freelancing and trying to get my newest book out.

It's a common problem, though, amongst other social media platforms. Those who get in early get popular and galvanize their base, usually an audience imported from other social media platforms.

Then it's time to monopolize and utilize.

The only difference is that we actually get paid here, so it seems. >XD I'm still gettin' a hang of that part, but my goal is always the same:

Kick out great content, even if it's just blogposts or a mention, and do what I can to increase my exposure without selling my soul or busting up my principles.

~Thomas Duder, Author of the Things

Steemit is weighted in favour of this who have been posting the longest. I see no fault with that. I post 4 times every day and will do for as long as it takes. We knew the rule when we joined. lol

Steemit is still like the wild west. Those who stake a claim early may get rich and there's no law enforcement. A select few are milking it for profit, but I think there's a lot of good stuff here and the community is making efforts to deal with the abuse. As it grows the influence of the whales will decrease. We just have to give it a chance


You just nailed it. The steemit is still in beta, with time things would stabilize. I thank the forerunners because without them we won't be here.

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You've hit the right note here. I've been having the same problems. Trying to get attention, trying to impress, working hard on original content but nothing seems to be working. I seldom cross even the $1 mark and then someone comments "nice photo" on my post and makes more than me. How discouraging is that?

Nice post, and I totally agree with you!

This feels really dirty to me too :(
"I commented on one of his photos and he replied "Me too" and he got $60+ for it."

It seems like Steemit was great only for the users who joined at the beginning, now it's just another social network and it will be worse as time goes...

i have been here since a week and i feel the same

you hit it right. now a days it's really hard for a newbie in this platform to really get the recognition. patience is the key and who knows, a big whale might get his attention.

Thats true, I didnt read anything like this..

Yes, that is very true.

Because everybody can upvote and get revenue out of it, the whole social media aspect seems unfair and right out broken. Whenever I look through the trending or the new section, I really have to dig to find good content that seems to be not fishy in any way or form.

But it raises the question of how they can even fix this. Because to me, this seems like a fundamental flaw in the blockchain system. Note that it is not entirely bad, it's just broken.

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Your certainly right, I saw one guy who put very little effort into it, his introduction had one picture and basically not much else. He got many more views and made a lot more then I did, I got $0.70, so I was thinking what is going on, for a few days thinking maybe I used the wrong tags or something. I realised he must have had a lot of people from his youtube channel follow him as he was a gamer.

There is not much info going in on how it all works and I expected it to be fair for everyone. But its is exactly the same as the real world a select few with all the money control it. I was hoping people would help each other out somehow, theres enough for everyone, but when its moved around to benefit a select few it makes me sick.

Your example of the $60 comment was very interesting.

The gif with that guy on the treadmil is hilarious love it thanks that made me laugh hard.

That's why I gave up.

vent it brother! - don't forget to support each other too ... if you follow someone - check out their posts and give them some love - we all got to start somewhere - I noticed a bunch of people followed my account , but then when I post up something .. its's crickets. I think the content is quality - but like you said - unless a dolphin or whale take notice - it may get lost in the shuffle - but I see good articles in my feed that I look at and vote up because they are on my list and I want to support them - so part of the solution might be to start helping to support each other so we can grow together.

The spam is getting incredibly annoying, and you're right, it's drowning out the quality content...

Could not agree with you more mate

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man! I feel this!! Unfortunately, steemit has become a very selfish platform (people think they will get something for free). I firmly in steemit for the long run and want to see it succeed! I therefore, never upvote any spam or bots, I do all of my own voting and if i see anyone taking too much steem off the platform or earning great money for not doing much i do not vote for them. i also try to start and support great initiatives on here, or at least the ones that come accross myscreen!

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I agree with the unbalanced part.

What people seem to be missing is that the algorithm's job is to serve the platform's purpose. If the platform wants to encourage good contributors and discourage spam, it's a problem with the algorithm, not the users.

I can only assume Steemit wants to discourage new users from making posts, because the algorithm has no features that reward people new to the platform.

Sure, you can game the algorithm with a lot of research and effort, but when your interest is creating content and engaging with others, that's not a very inspiring pursuit.

This crap about whales and minnows -- yawn, I could really care less. I'm not going to make forced connections with people just because they have voting power.

Steemit has created yet another hierarchical elitist system. Fine, if that's what it is, that's what it is. But unless the algorithm is tweaked to make Steemit a friendlier, more nurturing environment, I'll continue to put the minimum effort in.

It's also worth bearing in mind how young the platform is.

Imagine if 10% of facebook users suddenly came here, WE would be dolphins and whales compared to them.

The problem as I see it, is this.

The platform started out with 'sell' of - 'creativity being rewarded, blah blah blah...'

This may (or may not) have been the true motives of creating steemit, but it doesn't really matter. The sell, sold.

So know, we either have people lining there own pockets, without a single thought of the original concept (IF that was the concept, and not a sell ), or people lining there pockets, proving to themselves that game theory works.

Apart from the sociopath behavior this represents, (and remember sociopath behavior can be picked , in peer groups), it means that the dynamic will be very difficult to alter, because:-
Sociopaths don't change a winning game, and care not about anyone but themselves. Why would they?- they are sociopaths...

Living life by game theory IS sociopathic.
It takes into no consideration of ethics, or morals.

Which is the the opposite, of the 'sell' about steemit.

I am no hemmigway, I know that - but my time and investment IS worth more than a fucking dancing coke can.
And if the market says otherwise, it is either a rigged market, or it is full of slightly insane people.

Neither of which are nice places I would prefer not to inhabit.

If steemit doesn't change, ( and I am dubious, if you haven't already guessed)
it means there WILL be an ethically driven, creative content rewarded site, that does come along.....

Using Game theory, in real life is for stupid people to feel clever. Like they have a talent - It's possibly a small penis issue....

Creativity IS actual talent, and it produces something.
(unlike game theory).

Ultimately productive value will win of playing with numbers.

Unfortunately the sociopaths don't give a shit, because they KNOW they are, like, really clever......sighs