Steemschool Project And Helping Steemit Growth!

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Welcome To Steem School Project!

For the growth of steemit community and to remove the spamming on the steemit regarding fake posts and fake and spamming comments we start free teaching classes on the steemschool and that is the only way we can teach people and help them grow thought out the world

Why steem School?


  • To Promote your ideas

  • To Promote Community

  • To Get Steemit Knowledge

  • Work And Win togethers* ### To Help poverty..

Those Who Interested in Joining our mission are welcome to Pakistan steem school,i wish i can help Most of the student from Pakistan, Soon we will work on a physical steem school which will give free education about steemit and how to get success on steemit.

Our Steem Schools!


We have selected top leaders from different countries in order to bring new people to steemit and teach them how to work and to avoid spamming on the site and promote their quality content ,Tell now we have steem school for Philippine,Nigeria,Pakistan, Venezuela, USA. Our team members are working hard to make new users on this platform many are registering and there is a problem with the registration it need few days but our mission is going very fast!

Our Main Discord Group:

The Main discord group was mad by the founder of the Steemschool project at @dobartim Who is working hard day and night to make people success in there hard work in different ways to make new leaders from all over the world.

Here it is #steemschools for all new minnows, members, newbies and all willing to work together on the largest Movement on Steemit.@dobartim decided to start a project with a mission to support the newbies to make a group where they build good stuff and Win together.

Contribution to the project Support!

  • We have bring more than 1000 New active member though out the world we are hoping to make steemit more better! In order to support the new steemians we need support from the whales!

How to support the project ?

  • By joining the Team and support by them self ,
  • By delegating steempower to @ alishannoor Or to give better suggestion how they want to support us.

Our Project Founder Is @dobartim

Pakistan Leader @alishannoor

Main Discord Server Click Here

Here Are you can join the pakistan discord team
Click Here Or click on the link below

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It helps me alot. Thanks @alishannoor

hello @upmeawhale ! How long take the refund ? sorry for posting this here, but i didn't want to sent again 3 SBD to ask you this ! thanks in advance !

This post is helpful for new steemitean of Bangladesh.

@alishannoor it's quite good. I'm new at steemit and want to grow can you help me out by giving me an upvote please follow me. thank you in advance.....

I think this is a great project to work upon. My fully support is with you. What were the formalities we have to complete?

I think this is a great project to work upon. My fully support is with you. What were the formalities we have to complete?

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Im new here please someone help me to grow on Steemit!!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome, let's visit my blog @alirezanatasya :)
If you like my blog, give me Vote back please, Thanks..

Good work !!

Steem school pakistan is doing a best work for new generation.its the advantage for youth earn free income.

Good and helpful initiatives to help beginners and other steemian too strive in this great platform by teaching them the importance of avoiding spamming contents and comments on the platform. And also why there is the needs for them to be creative in posting valuable content and also to engaged with other steemian @alishannoor


Good contant

Very good effort to train new steemian community. 💫😇💫

Keep it continue.

We will excel brother

Good for newbies like me. I am also new on steemit , I also want help to increase my reputation... Help me please

Great plan, buddy!!!

interesting your project, successful brother.

great project..goodluck for future@alishnnoor

Unity is the way to success, good post

What an idea sirji
एक idea जो बदल दे सारी दुनिया ।

They have a great initiative, with immense potential


Nice thinking

Steem plaform very inteligent platform for grow us knowledge and also wealtg power by support eachother....

Hey @alishannoor plz upvote comment me back I sent 10SBD I have no money I invest all money

hey 👋 sir encourage new talent please

You are doing a great job.Please give us such information...... thanks you

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Hello alishannoor, First of all, I would sincerely thank you that you wrote a motivational post for all new steemers. Mate Your article has proved to be very beneficial for me, I hope you will continue to create similar posts in the future so that new steemers can move forward.

Hi All My Steemit Friends How R U ?
I'm New Steemit Member Pleases Upvote and Follow me

@alishannoor Never Give up , Carry on, Raise UP, Showing Your Strength whole World

please provide this facility in India also

Thank you, I've been looking for a clear guide to the site
I'm finding my way round with help from the community
I appreciate the upvotes and feedback I'm getting
And hope I've been able to give something of value
This will help me a lot