Steemit Crime

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Hello again my dear steemians !
(don't tell the others but you are my dearest steemian of all time ;D )

Well, once again I want say sorry for being absent of making posts for about a week, I was... ah... you know... kind of busy... and stuff...

But I'll do my best to accomplish my Oath to make post as often as I can, Ideally daily. 😊

Well, let's start!
Today I wanna share with you an interesting experience I had on steemit several days ago. I was looking at the reply tab in order to answer all my reply (is not a hard work since I don't have too much) but is something I highly recommend every one to do, couse the more you get in touch with those who interact with you the more you build bounds and make friends in here.
So while I was doing that I saw a replay from @omwith telling that she has just flagged someone who has stolen my post.

stolen post.PNG

So I hit the link to see whats was going on, and Indeed my hole post, jokes and gifs was there, but posted from another person, and with my signature in the end removed. It was the very first time something like that happened to me, I wasn't even sure what I suppose to do. My first thought was to flag that post for plagiarism like @omwith has done. but before doing that I decided to have a look at this person's blog to see if she use to do this kind of thing often, and I end up realizing several things:
she was a new user, probably at the 2nd or 3rd week old on steemit, with less than 50 followers, she had make a lot of posts but all of then looks to be original.

So realized this was probably her first time making a mistake like this. Well I know we all makes mistakes this is a natural way to learn and evolve, I mean we're all humans therefore we all makes mistakes, diference with that is if you keep doing the same mistake that means you wasn't able to learn your lesson by yourself, so maybe you should be punished for you too see you shouldn't keep doing that.

so with all this things in mind, and also with the fact it was a harmless mistake, I decided the best thing to do was not punish her, but try to talk and explain why she shouldn't keep doing things like that, and what could be the consequences of it.

So, in the end, this uncomfortable situation had a happy ending, @waqasseven is not a bad person she is only human like you and me and she learned from her mistake, I would like to invite you all to have a look at her's blog and see from your own eyes, she is a new user struggling to understand how steemit works, like we all were once, I would be truly happy if some of you guys could help new ones like her to get use to the this platform, couse as I told in a post before by helping newbies in here we are also helping Steemit to grow stronger and healthy.

I would like to present you a very similar story that didn't have a good ending:

While I was thinking about making this post, I end up finding this message in someone's wallet
Dan`s justice.PNG

well it apear to be that this person was @dan he has over 4,000,000.00 Steam Power
I think he is one of the Steemit Co-founders but I'm not sure about it, if any of you know about it please let me know at the comments.

So I hope this post works as Informative warning, steemit is an amazing place where there is always a win win situation when everyone helps each other, so follow the rules will always worth more than trying to break it. Couse not every one may think you deserve a second chance.

Ps: Remember by just clicking in the resteem button you will be giving an amazingly support to great content authors to keep doing his good work. So do not hesitate to resteem or even making a post about a good content you have seen, share it with your brothers and sisters! ^^

Thank you for reading my post.

I'm @andyluy a Brazilian college student, freshman at cryptocurrencies who live in Rio de Janeiro and love to make new friends, travel around the world and having adventures!I intend to post about amazing things I've experienced, and hope soon be able to bring you with me to my new adventures !

You are invited to follow me and be my guest into this experiences.

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Hello @andyluy. I am so glad to read your very special post full of insights, understanding and compassion. With your kind help in the past, I have now progressed to exchanging a Steem dollar for Steem power. I still have to understand other things in your list. This time I won't forget to follow your post!


I'm truly glad to know I was able to help you at something, we are all together in this steemit ship so don't be scare to ask for guidance when you need, I'll surely do the same ^^/


Thank you very much. You really know how to make people feel at ease. Cheers.

amazing post :) you are a good person to try and see the good in everyone!


thank you very much @hannahlicious I really means a lot to me to know that you liked my posts ^^/

Great points here, and well done on doing some research and helping out instead of simply doing what you can, because you can. Awesome that you are helping out newbies. Resteeming this.


Thank you very much @myhomesteaded positive feedback like this makes me even more motivated to keep doing those posts ^^

Steem on !

thank you my friend
i learn a lot of things from you ..
guys @andyluy is a great guy ....
love you friend ♥


I wish you success in here ^^/

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Yeah, @dan is the co-founder of Steemit. Another co-founder is @ned.


I suspect of it but wasn't sure, thank you @pijushmitra to confirm it for us all ! ^^

What a great outcome and educational moment for the new user. I applaud your patience and kindness, if only more people here could look out for each other in this manner.


thank you very much @searnold, I love to know when you all like my posts! that helps me to focus in the right direction when I'm thinking about what to post!

Steem on !

honestly you are doing a great job on steemit,i learned another thing tonight. Your post is very informative & educative as well, i need to follow you & upvote your post. I thank you for sharing your experience, I found it useful & helpful.


Thank you very much @olamseu, I'm glad to hear your feedback, this helps me to understand that i'm doing a good job posting.
I'll do my best to keep making good posts ^^/

This is an amazing platform to learn earn and a real battleground to share your knowledge or your writings with the world. This story has given us a good message. "BE ORIGINAL"

Be a brand that every one wants to follow, write your original content, don't copy others works. Doing so will not give you anything but snitch your hard earned reputation.


that's true! you can even reuse other's Ideas, but you should use it to inspire you to do your own stuff, or you can openly talk about others Ideas but link then as the author of it, just copy and past is one of the worst thing you can do to your reputation here.

Steem on !

from where I live "waqas" is a common name used for men. So, I think he is probably a man hiding behind a female profile...


That's interesting to know !
I've never seen this name on my life so I don't really know if is he or she XD


Well, I truly appreciate your intentions of helping someone out, but I looked up his profile. He shows himeself to be from Swat, which is a city in Pakistan. Swat is a backward tourist area(closer to Afghanistan) of Pakistan. Moreover, males are very dominant in that area. This area was controlled by talibans for quite some time. I am sure he is a man. And he keeps on sharing photos from all over the internet as his own. @andyluy you seem to be a nice person, but I think the person is only showing fake apologies for his own motives.

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You're a good person. We need more people like you. Thanks for information :)


thank you for your feedback @oksijentupu Really apreciate that ^^/

Steem on!

Interesting post! I liked your attitude towards the situation
Im gonna follow you, i liked your post style, very funny and cool


thank you @johnycrypto I like to show some of my personality on my posts, I'm glad you liked ^^

nice post thanks for share


thank you @amanjain2k !

Thats outrageous. I'm new to steemit but palgerism is plain and simple wrong anwhere on the Internet.


Yeah, that's true. But I think the best thing about this all is that we might be able to educate a few more people about the do, don'ts and why's of steemit. If this post prevent a single person to make the same mistake it'll be already worth ^^

Thank you for your reply !

steem on!


yep true, absolutely worth it.
Good work

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dan is the owner of steemit


Yeah it appears to be that he is one of the Co-author of the it.
well in a way or another we should all be very grateful that they have done it =D

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i hate seeing people plagarize on steemit. especially when they get a lot of upvotes on it. it annoys us hard working content creators!


that's true, but the magic of the steemit decentralized platform is that everyone have the power to make things fair, could be trying to talking to the person, downvoting or even spread in the communit what you've seen in a way or another justice will be done !

Tank you for your feedback @cryptotraderx ! ^^

Steem on!

I am Groot! :D

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