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MediBloc is a decentralized medical information ecosystem for patients, healthcare providers and data researchers, based on the wonderful blockchain technology. The main objective of the platform is to train patients with the options they deserve and what they should have had in the health industry, with MediBloc, patients can have and have full control over their medical records.

Words from the MediBloc CEO, Dr. Allen

Operation of MediBloc

It is a very innovative platform because it is based on the medical environment, it has a lot of security and an important law that is the HIPAA, which is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, is very well followed.

Tokens MediBloc

They have two tokens, the MED and MP, where one of them can only be removed from the platform and the other can be acquired depends on how much contributions to the platform or buying them too, with these coins you can be able to buy up to one insurance through they.

MediBloc Partnerships

MediBloc, they have many associations that support your project to maximize your success. Thanks to the fact that they are not new to this business, they already had many members and associations that decided to offer their support in this new project.

For more information watch this short introduction

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