70 Reputation Achieved


A lot of things have been going on lately and I almost forgot to write a post about my 70 REP Milestone. I must have said this before but this has been a Milestone that I have been dying to cross.


Why is this Important?

I must have said this a million times that what is important to me might not be important to anyone which doesn't mean that it is less Important. I portray this Milestone as Important as I have been working hard for this REP Level ever since I joined Steemit. The reason is simple, when I joined Steemit the people with the highest REP were at around 70 so I psychologically set 70 REP as my target/goal.


Weird Coincidence

Now there is a weird coincidence that happened here. I reached my 70 REP on the day of Hardfork 20 and as far as I can remember I started actively participating on Steemit from Hardfork 19. I am really shocked by this Coincidence and I Love it.



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Congratulations @arunava..Great achievement....Best of luck for future.

Congratulations my dear friend for this fabulous acheivement. Hats off to your dedication on steemit due to which you have achieved this very difficult milestone which only a few people enjoy. All the very best and i am sure this is just the beginning. Regards Nainaz


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Congratulations @arunava..
Great achievement ...

Hello @arunava, congratulations for that achievement, go that is important, because it implies that you have worked very hard to reach that reputation number. I agreed with the hardfor20, for something will be, in the course of time you will know. But the road continues. Success.

Very impressive @arunava Your hard work and efforts is paying off.

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congratulations @arunava for your achievement.

That is fantastic! Congratulations on your success. We are always so excited when our number goes up by one more, I just can't imagine reaching 70! Way to go, keep reaching and working hard!

Congrats Bhai. I am very glad that you touched 70.