I hit a Roadblock


is the day I go for my Grandma's House and I can't wait to have her Food. So my Train is two hours from now and I have literally hit a Roadblock.


As you can see a section of the road has been washed out from Landslides. So now i am waiting a long line of Traffic and praying that I can catch my Train.

This type of things make me think twice that is it a bad day to travel?


On another note I am assigned Seats number 13 which is bad luck in some mythologies. Man I hope everything goes ok.


Wish me luck Guys!!

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  ·  작년

You are offering sp on minnowbooster. Why dont you give me directly, i am interested

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I am not offering SP to anyone bro instead I am taking delegations from others on Minnowbooster.

You must have some wrong info.

best of luck for your journey.....!

Good luck friend

  ·  작년

@arunava you will catch your train definitely, hope all is well

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