Minnowbooster Blacklisted Me !

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So some of you Guys might know this that there have been several People who have apparently been Blacklisted by Minnowbooster and are currently unable to use their Services. Unfortunately I am one of those Blacklisted ones.


Although I have done Nothing wrong I was Blacklisted when I was Trying to Renew my SP Lease which is going to End Tonight.


So the Entire Day I was Frantically looking to find some way I could be Unbanned as I had done nothing Wrong according to me. At the current Moment I am still Blacklisted which sucks for me.


I was Pissed as I will probably lose my SP lease. All that being said I know that the Minnowbooster Team is working hard behind the Scenes to resolve this Issue. You guys need to know that there are Hundreds if not Thousands of Accounts that are going through the same Problem. Give them some Slack and wait for a Couple of Days.


So for now I am going to wait out for a Couple of days for the Issue to be Resolved.
I suggest you Guys Keep Calm and let the Devs Work.
Start asking Questions after a few Days.

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Minnowbooster is a very strange setup:

I was for no apparant reason blacklisted as well, and I contacted them on discord.

They said that my content was not of good quality/ not enough text ( I am a graphic artist ) and that I was violating their rules by posting links to my art on amazon.

In a very insulting way they did not take my questions seriously: It is like THEY want to be the people who decide what is good content and what is bad content.

For more then 40 years I take myself serious as an artist and good quality content provider, but these people know better.

I am glad that they are not "the owners" of steemit!

I stopped immediately with these strange and insulting types, then I just wanted to say goodbye when they threw me of the discord channel!

I quit Minnowbooster altogether instantly; I want nothing to do with them ever!!

By the way, I wonder if they ever check what kind of quality their automatic upvote engine is upvoting?

Now, I have checked and found that you are not blacklisted currently. You can see:


Yes it was lifted Yesterday around 1 AM I immediately Renewed my SP Lease.

I was going to make an Update Post about it and How Minnowbooster is working hard to tackle this Problem.


Yes, MB is working too hard. I like the service very much.

There could be a misunderstanding somehow i believe it would be resolve just be patient. Minnowbooster is one of the best definitely it would be resolved....


Yeah I know that.

That is why I am asking others to be Patient for a few Days.

The Discord Channel has been Flooded with Complaints.

So I thought it would be good to make a Post about it and ask others to be a bit Patient.

How we could be unbanned from @minnowsupport would you guide me @arunava


I think he is talking about @minnowbooster. You are talking about @minnowsupport.


I guess he got confused with both having minnow at the front end.



@minnowbooster and @minnowsupport are two different entities brother.

Check them out First.

How strange that happens. You have no idea why that happens to you ?. What are the reasons for minnowbooster to put someone on the blacklist?.


There has been a Glitch in the Code which resulted in taking most of our Manual Bids as Bids given by Bots.

So that's why the Blacklisting.

It will be resolved soon I hope.

Don't worry, I am sure they will fix the issue asap


Yep I will be Patientfor some Days cause they have a lot of Work to do.


Yes @arunava, MB @minnowbooster made some updates 2 days back which blacklists bots from purchasing votes. But after this update many real accounts got blacklisted.
Even my account got blacklisted for no reason. Let's hope they fix this issue and revoke our original status.


I talked with some Moderators on the Minnowbooster Discord Channel and they said that they are working on it.

After all it's a lot of Accounts to go through.


It's good that you communicated with them. I hope they find a way to resolve it soon. I didn't contact them yet, if your account gets revoked then do let us know, so everyone who is facing this problem can communicate with mods.


Thanks @nxtblg


I'm having trouble myself, in that a lot of delegations have expired and my STEEM hasn't been released. I hope it's not because of a Minnow Booster bug, but I fear it is.

Nice post..D:/:/::::;@arunava

Keep the spirit

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Well buddy did not know that !

Seems like the issue is pretty big !@minnowbooster is one of the best bot out there ,they sure will fond a way to fix it out !

Sorry to here is boss

Very bad news. But I will hope minnowbooste will resolve this issue.

oh it's a great problem. they should be fixed it soon.

bro go ahead one day you reached your dreams.
all the best