My Health Update

3년 전

In my previous posts o told you guys how I was sick with Cough and Cold and it had gone so bad that I was even unable to speak.


Fortunately for me things have not gone any worse than that. Instead now I am a little bit ok. Although I still cannot shout I can speak lightly and I feel that is a positive sign.


Some props goes to my Mom as she has been making some weird Concoctions for me to drink. They taste absolutely horrible but can't say no to my Mom.

It looks a lot like Black Tea but instead it is a mix of various Spices and condiments. Apparently those are good for Cold and Cough so even though it tastes horrible I don't mind drinking them.

I badly want to get over this Cold and Cough as I really don't like this at all. I really hate just lying on the Bed all day and doing nothing at all, makes me feel useless.

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I like your blog, time to time visited for your blog./...

Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

Get well soon. Your lucky to have you mom around to take care of you. Continue taking the homemade brew, it will help.

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