Phishing Scam Warning !

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So I just came from Shopping and I Opened my Desktop to see if there are any Comments on my Posts or any Replies to my Comments. Surprisingly I found about 3-4 Comments from @theprophet0 I was surprised as when I Joined Steemit about a year ago he was kinda Bigshot​ Witness(According to me). So I did what was natural I started reading​ his Comments which came with various Embedded Links.



Now if I click on the Link it takes me to a Website which is a Damn good Clone Website of Steemit. Let me show you Guys. The above Link took me to this Page below.



Now do any of You Guys see any Difference?

I don't know if you guys have spotted it but there are two Differences on​ this WebPage.

First is that its Instead of That Points out to it being a Clone Website.

Second is the Fact that it has me Logged out of Steemit and is asking for my Username and Password again.


Guys I strongly​ suggest You do not enter your Login Details into that Website. In fact​, ​don't even visit that Website. Cause if you put your Login details on​ that Website chances are you are going to lose your Steemit Profile just like that.


Now I even went to his Profile to see what was all of this about and I found a lot of Spamming of Comments just like it was done to mine.



My Conclusion !

So what is my Conclusion about all of this?​ I feel like there are two roads to be Travelled here.

First is that his account might have been Hacked and the Other Person is Responsible for all of this.

The second​ option is that he is trying to Scam all of us by holding our Accounts Hostage.


So Guys please stay Away from such Links and always check before you Put in your Login Credentials.
Comment Below what your Thoughts are about This.
Guys I urge you to Resteem my post so that more People get to know about this.



I was about to start Flagging his Comments and it seems @pfunk has taken action in Flagging them. I will start Flagging them too that is the Least I could do right Now.

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Bro .. now this user is is trying to take passwords ... Make a post about that bro ... He is using steemil now

Thank you so much @arunava! I reesteemed this to spread the news about this new scam site,! It saddened me to see people trying to do the foolest thing to others for the sake of $!


I also resteemed and notified a website on google that marks the site as hazardous/phishing site. I spent about 3 hours on the phone with a very nice guy @enjoywithtroy who was just introduced to me as a close friend of a family who grew up with him. @enjoywithtroy was hacked badly and he is going to post on his experience. I will be sharing my 2 cents as well.


The moral of the story is make sure you are careful where you go and only sign in with your posting password, unless you have to use your active password to transfer funds, and always,always, always make sure if you have to use your owners/master password that you know you are on a safe site.


A lot of thanks for warn us and definitely this information will help us to protect us from spammer. Hartley thanks @arunava.

Crazy! That's really bad. And it could be hard to notice if you weren't paying attention. I don't normally resteem, but when I do, it's gold. Resteemed. Thanks for the heads up!

Thanks for your precious information....resteemed your post

Thanks for awareness sir. very useful post for us. upvoted & resteem.

I just received a comment from him and hanwoo...
I entered the website an saw the wrong website...
I hope no one gets scammed!

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A lot of scam methods appeared lately.. it's crazy. Didn't know about this one so thanks for sharing with us :)

Steemit being an open source make it easy to clone. I'd say always look at the address bar, check the 'green' certificate mark and never ever enter your password/key after clicking on redirect link. Bookmark the page or type the address yourself and login this way!

Thanks for the heads up buddy !

I personally always stay careful of clicking links especially.

Hope people get to stay from this type of attempt !

I am trying to warn people as well. I am aware of someone who may have fallen for this one. Resteemed.

Thanks @arunava for the enlightenment, I hope this info gets to everyone.

Very interesting. @theprophet0 was a prominent member here and helped me get to STEEMFest2. I hate to see this!


I would not be surprised if his account was hacked.


Me neither. I wonder if his father @theprophet can provide us with some insight...

Cheers mate! It’s scary how good scammers are getting these days. Thanks for the warning, resteemed!

Such an informative post.
Resteeming it for sure friend.
Jai hind!

Good catch bro everyone need to be aware of this kind of fraudulent website.resteeming your post so that I could reach as maximum as possible.

It's not him. This is the second time today that I have come across a post on this.

This is very serious. I suggest this activity be reported to steem abuse for action and thanks for sharing such as one needs to be more vigilant these days.

Very nice info, i use to report a lot of scams methods in my blog.

Thanks for sharing.

Tnx for the warning


Please Kindly Resteem this Post so that more People get to know about this.

Many thanks for sharing and warning.
Need to be careful.
Phishing is becoming so common.

Thanks for the heads up

That's very bad peoples and thanks@arunava to inform us about it

Thanks for the heads up.

Seems where there is opportunity there is always a sneaky opportunist :(

Be well and cheers.


thx for sharing this

Thank you for this information.

Thank you for the warning. That is very good of you to inform us that there are things like this..

Maraming Salamat Po!


Please Kindly Resteem this Post so that more People get to know about this.


I already did :) I hope to get them warned as well.

Good information about this paltform.....Everybody will be get help from this post....
Thank you so much for sharing this important post....
Wishes your long long life....


Please Kindly Resteem this Post so that more People get to know about this.

Thanks for the infomation, resteemed for others.

Same happened to me, I lost only 25SBD but thats a lot to me

I also made a post


I really feel like there are many ways to earn in Steemit but I guess scamming others is the Easiest so Guys fall for them.

Thanks a lot for sharing this. We can be careful.