CELEBRATING 500 FOLLOWERS - I thought i had lost it all

3년 전

Hello beautiful people,

It pleases my heart to announce my successful 500 followers reach here in steemit.
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It's not really been very easy for me since i started blogging steemit early January this 2018 but so far so good, the experience has been so wonderful. Thank you,

I greatly appreciate all my followers and everyone who has in one way or the other contributed to my growth here, i am most grateful and i do believe that we will do more.

Actually, it interests me to make some kinda honorable mention to some wonderful and generous steemians that i have encountered so far but since this is just an appreciation post, i don't intend to make it bulky.


When market got dip, i started loosing patronage without any clue on what was really happening and that affected the zeal of my participation on this wonderful community. I had seen myself as not making good use of my time owing to the fact that i got preoccupied with something am quite sure that it was no match to this platform.

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I thought I had lost it all and who can save me now

Backing out and giving up became an option. I could hardly breathe well like i used to but a second thought i had told myself that giving up can only be an option for the lazy believing that one day, my story will inspire someone.

Thank you once more and here's my dance for you guys

I love you more guys, i will always strive to revive and keep the pace.
Keep the love awoken and keep spreading love.

When teardrops, let's try to wipe it, be good and inspirational source to others.

Keep steeming.


Thanks for reading...
See Ya soon....
Yours Truly @austinebizzy.

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Congratulations @austinebizzy on reaching 503 followers in only 120 days!

I wish you continued success!

@Introbot is hosted and managed with donations from @byColeman in an effort to help others achieve the success you have!

I have followed and upvoted you.


Thanks to @introbot and @bycoleman, i appreciate.

Wow!!! Congratulations @austinebizzy..
Greater hights I pray for you and happy steeming..


Thanks bro, I greatly appreciate.

We love you too and expect more great posts from you.
Keep it up and enjoy the platform !!
Most importantly


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Thanks dearest, i appreciate your comment.
Keep Steeming too.