STEEMIT NETWORK UPDATE! When Your Beloved Crypto Social Network is Under Heavy DDOS Attack.........

3년 전

The network is being spammed heavily with 70k transactions/second when I was last updated today by a Top 20 witness.

We are wishing the best here to all the dev's and witnesses dealing with this!

Pls. Resteem/share to spread word so others can find out also.

Keeping posts short right now so there is far less data to be fit into the transaction on the blockchain, hoping this helps spread word.

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it was
dos atta

What is a DDOS attack? Cheers mike


Basics were in the post.

There's No Need to FEAR, Barry Dutton is here.... @barrydutton The UnderDog of the STEEMIT World........


I guess that is good?


I guess I am always pretty much the UnderDog.

Makes sense.

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Ehh... Steemit will go to infinity and beyond! ;)




Indeed, I had issues to access Steemit today.

Does it mean steemit is affected or is good here still


the website was under attack, the platform is totally independant and your wallet is perfectly secure

I read in another comment that zuckerberg is behind it.

Just a tip: anyone creating a post should save it before posting. I tried to post earlier and the post was lost (never posted) when I clicked on the post button. I had to recreate it.


I have been doing that again for 3 days, seeing things start to glitch and vanish then -- so that is good advice on the backup copy.


I saved me some headaches so I thought I'd pass along the tip.


TY for commenting!

It was probably facebook. Damn you Zuckerberg!


And the Deep State LOL - all connected.

I gave a Crypto/Steemit talk with my computer on a screen last nite, impromptu at a local Linux Group meeting.

They asked me back LOL

I bet I know who's to blame.

It's one word: CHIIINA!


Oh no, more China FUD?


Keep up your good work, I know we do not talk as much now, but you share important stuff.

Steem On.

Did you see my updates about BIG OIL being defeated in Canadastan???

Exciting for me, lol.


I haven't heard much about it. I assume it was all done fairly peacefully without protesters blocking roads and interfering with bystanders lives.