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Most Steemians do not vote! Don't complain about wanting change and then not voting for those capable of making a real difference on this platform. You want someone who isn't a fence sitter? You want someone who has the means and professional backround to get this ship sailing into even better waters? DO YOU WANT ACTUAL and MEANINGFUL CHANGE AND NOT JUST EMPTY WORDS?

fyrst-witness-smallerFS (1).gif

Here is what I'm talking about! @Fyrstikken

  • Culture builder and changer...
  • Stands up and makes things happen and isn't just saying empty words or promises...The Viking King
  • Renaissance man....He has the real world business expertise on a global scale to implement what the community needs.
  • Quality Content maker and supporter...Fyrstikken has a fully equipped studio and is knocking the socks off of this place with shows that he sponsors.

I've gotten to the point after a lot of talks with many that they are looking for new directions and horizons for Steemit. From Gaming to Guilds to @Booster , @speedvoter etc... we all are familiar with at least one aspect of the entreprenurial contributions that have been created. Many are also realizing they can set up @Booster as Proxy. (Now ya' know just a few of the Initiatives he has spearheaded.)
I'll be blunt at this point, we are at an important crossroads and we need some Witnesses who are not playing different platforms but are Steemcentric, do you feel me? Join Steemspeak Crypto-Chat to get the skinny on where news breaks first and network and learn real-time how to navigate Steemit.

So Steemians, drop your blog link and most recent post in the comments section after you vote Fyrst- Witness. Let's get to know each other better and rise up together to make Steemit Great again shall we? :)


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thank you, I feel forgotten.


No way, not on our watch!
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Nice equipment! Think I stand a chance in working for a witness as a service? My last post I did tag you and after reading this post you have my vote & the 9+ who proxy their vote to me 👍

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Excellent post! It does really show the commitment to the SteemIt Community @fyrst-witness is doing for everyone. It can't go unrecognized if you think about it with over 1 MILLION in SP overall, just imagine any one of us committing this type of capital to a platform and believing in it and us!


Thanks QA, sometimes it takes some shaking up of the proverbial apple cart to get things centered, it seems some are riding a lot of different agendas and it would be nice to have a Steemcentric only witness,
and @elgeko made that ridiculously amazing flame banner, Hats Off



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Thanks :)

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Got my vote! RESPECT @Booster @fryst-witness. Thank you for your support.

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Love the post. I am trying to learn more about cryptocurrencies and following you has been great for general knowledge and introduction. Thanks for the work. You introduced me to this great community.

It seems to be working! The other one kept giving me errors but all seems good now!

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold


Thank You

Yes, You are saying absolute right in Your first line about steemins thats was not help each other But they always follow bots


things seem to get stagnant but if we are not voting how can we complain? If some have very split agendas can we complain if we do not vote for witnesses in line with keeping a Steemcentric focus.
Thank you for the thoughtful comment


Thanks For giving importance my suggestion

Don't hear much about this, but I would like to vote for someone to make things better

Nice to meet you today @battleaxe

just starting out myself so not much on my blog at this point but its here

The Witness platform makes Steemit Centralized!

Very good

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I'm pretty sure I got my vote cast for this great man. Can you please help me know if I got it done right. I love what this guy is doing for us.(along with you too!!!)and want to make sure that he has my vote. I'm not sure why you want our most recent post but I'll put mine. I'm sorry if it's a simple post...and kind of sad.