Five ways to identify PTC scams online

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Many people are looking to work and get paid online but how do you know which sites to avoid and which are legit? Is that site trustworthy?

Unfortunately, most of the work-from-home opportunities are a fraud. This does not mean that all the sites are, but finding genuine sites requires some careful screening. To help you identify trustworthy sites, we’ve come up with some tips.


Use these five tips to make sure that if the site is a scam or genuine:

Trust your instincts:

Take the time to investigate before you contribute your time and money on it. Be careful of websites that promise you more than what is sensible to deliver. For case, a site offering two dollars for every click is almost definitely a scam. Such offers should set the warning bells in your head ringing because it cannot be sustainable for the site.

Google it:

Search on Google with keywords such as ‘the website’s name + scam.' Also, try searching ‘the site’s name’ + review. People who had a bad experience in the past should be posted on forums to warn others.

Check Scam lists:

Before joining any site, make sure that it does not appear on any scam list. It's a big list, so use ctrl + f to find the site which you’re looking for.

Look for Payment proofs:

People who have been paid by the website often share ‘Payment proofs’ in forums. They are indicators that a site is working, stable and pays its members on time. A site that has been paying its clients timely is considered reliable and stable. Most new sites try to copy the business model of more successful, permanent sites but fail after a short while. They stop paying customers after some time and then disappear completely.

Pay to join:

Stay away from those sites that ask you to transfer money to a bank account to get the job. Note that transferring money to a stranger is as good as sending cash. Stay safe and always look for online jobs which don’t ask for any investment.

Scammers may find different creative ways to try and scam you, so stay active and follow the steps as mentioned above to never get cheated.

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Thanks for such a productive post


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I have been in scam site and learn a lot from it.

I like adding the word "scam" to almost everything I do a search on. It can be really revealing sometimes.

Very informative and interesting, thanks for sharing dude. I've always thoughtI had a good radar for scams but some things I did not consider here.

You got my vote and a resteem :]

if its too good to be true... there is a reason you feel that way. Its too good to be true. lol

all true! upvoted!

All great tips. Specially anything where you have to pay to earn. Now pay me 1 sbd and ill show you how to double your upvotes.

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