Unable to edit? Pictures are missing and there is no way to fix it. This has ruined my blog.

5년 전

The recommended image host imgsafe.org has lost my pictures and now steemit removed the edit button needed to fix it.

I had over 20 articles full of pictures. I was proud of my pages. Now they look awful.

Blog entries without pictures now show markup language commands, and are generally worthless without pictures. These were pictures I took, so it's not copyright issues. Like this product review, 10 pictures are missing, now it is completely worthless. https://steemit.com/bbq/@bbqbear/bbq-product-review-hand-forged-iron-pigtail

I do not want to share broken crappy looking pages with people...

If there is no way to edit it, can I just delete them?

@dantheman @ned Don't ruin peoples blogs because of a security problem. Give back the ability to fix this.

Edit: This change will result in duplicate content being found by search engines. I will have to repost my articles with correct image links to fix these problems.

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Imgsafe also deleted a lot of my pictures, some as recent as a few weeks old. They are 404. They aren't blocking Steemit like imgur did afaik. I don't know why they got deleted.

The inability to edit post-payout is also very frustrating to me. I've made some guides that need updating due to the security changes.

I understand it was an emergency measure to minimize vandalism with stolen credentials. However, my posting key that I was logged in with at the time the exploit was posted was never used by anyone else, and was changed after. Therefore I want the option to affirm I know my keys are mine, and be allowed to edit my posts.

The coming fork disables post editing after payout on a network level. I will be very frustrated if this never changes. I think an on-chain solution can be found: Make a blockchain switch, toggleable with the active key, that allows edits to any post. This way, if a user wants to edit past posts, they can toggle the edit switch, edit the posts with the posting key, and then toggle the edit switch off (and/or it could have a time-based shutoff). Alternatively, and possibly more simply, the active key could be used to edit a post past its first payout. But this could be risky, security-wise.


Alternatively, and possibly more simply, the active key could be used to edit a post past its first payout. But this could be risky, security-wise.

That is a reasonable idea. That is all that's required for internal market trading, and editing a post is less important than that. If they actually trust their new security policies, then that is an good solution.

I agree this is something that will have to be considered. Locking posts after the first payout causes some problems with maintaining a blog. I understand why the restriction exists, but a conversation should be had around ways to handle long term editing.

I am also frustrated by this problem!

It seems like imgsafe.org decided to block hotlinks from steemit. Fair enough, I guess, but we need a way to edit our old posts and replace the broken picture links!


Yes. This change completely ruined months of work.

You could host your pictures somewhere else, then re-post your blog entries again with the new links.


That is what this change forces people to do.
Duplicate content, and leave crappy broken copies everywhere for search engines to find.

you can host them here https://www.steemimg.com/


this is so cool. thanks. but why bother creating an account?

borad of edits!