Woohoo! Got my Steemit and DTube Shirts!!

2년 전

Aloha Steemit. It's been awhile since I've posted here, but I'm pretty happy to be sharing the two dtube and steemit t-shirts I ordered on Amazon! They are both pretty wrinkled in these pics, but keep in mind I just pulled them out of the bag.

Here's the DTube shirt I ordered for only $16.33.


And here's a cool Steemit shirt I picked up for only $14.99.


It's exciting to see that Amazon seems to be featuring a growing selection of both DTube shirts and steemit shirts.

Here's the current selection of DTube shirts on Amazon.

And here's Amazon's big selection of Steemit t-shirts.

Do you have your steemit and/or dtube shirts yet? Share a pic in the comments below!

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Nice Shirts dude, I like them. :)

Lol we didn't see you posting since you got the shirts
Hope everything goes well with you!!