10 Useful Steem Tools to Help You Succeed on Steemit!

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I've been a Steemian for about a month and it has been a very steep learning curve. I've put together a list of ten useful tools that I found. I use these almost everyday to help me compose a nicer looking post or analyze how I'm doing on the platform.

I'd like to share these with other plankton and minnows in the hopes that they will find value here.

  • Steem Now This site shows a lot of useful information about your or another's account. Things like latest upvotes, curation and author rewards, and your latest post with a total of the pending payouts. Lots of information in a very readable format.

  • Who Mentioned Me Have you ever wondered if you are being noticed? If your user name has been mentioned it will show up in this list. It's a good way to check on when your user name is mentioned. Without this tool you can miss a lot!

  • Steemd The way to use this, is to insert your username behind the URL steemd.com/@your username_here/. Have you ever had that annoying bandwidth error? This is where you can check on that. It shows your voting weight and your voting power too. The column on the right shows all the actions that have taken place on your account and the times they occurred. This is a very useful tool.

  • Steemdb This is very similar to Steemd but with many more options to explore. It is a blockchain explorer. I find that Steemd has more up to date information but this has many more features.

  • Ask Steem This is a great tool to search articles on the steemit platform! Want to know how to wrap words around your images? Use wordwrap in the search string! POW... Several Steemit post to choose from. I have been using this to find post describing how to write the code to make my post look better. I'm still learning! Markdown isn't so tough!

  • Steem Chat This is where you can find help. There are lots of people here that are more than willing to help with your questions. Don't be afraid to ask!

  • Discord You'll have to sign up for this or perhaps accept an invitation to a discord channel in one of the genres you are interested in. I'm partial to #Woodworking on discord. It's another way to connect with those with similar interest.

  • Free Images There are several sites that offer free images for blogging UnSplash, is my favorite but there is Pexels and Giphy for gifs and stickers. A search for more free images will turn up several sites. I'd recommend using Ask Steem to find post on where to find more.

  • Steem Bot Tracker This is the tool you have got to have when you decide to invest in yourself to promote your post. Use caution when using this, not all bids are profitable and using those bots that accept bids on post older than 3.5 days is extremely risky on account of @grumpy cat. (see my previous post)

  • SteemTools This site contains a list of 168 different tools you can look through that do different task! There are a ton of talented coders making new tools for Steemians everyday!

These are my ten favorites. If you know of anything to share please leave a comment.

I hope you find this list useful and,


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How about @ginabot, most of the services of what you listed is already active with ginabot, and it will always notify you about those.


Dude! I checked out gina! She is way cool...thanks for that heads up! I send a SBD to @neander-squirrel too! He did a fine job on that project!


Yep, @ginabot made it easier to know what's happening to my posts. It kinda changed my habits on steemit. I used to always open my account to know who upvoted my posts. Now I just have to click a link to my post or comment whenever something's up. Thanks to @neander-squirrel for inventing this kind of service for steemit!

I also check SteemNow often.

I check steemd sometimes.

I have an account with steemchat and discord but no enough time for it.
I am always on mobile.

I haven't used the "Who Mentioned Me", it doesn't work on my old iPhone.

I am not using bidbots. I appreciate upvotes even if their value is 0.00 LOL

I am using this one:


Thanks for the information! Very helpful indeed! Carry On!

Great tools, i use them all. But you did not mention steem.supply yet! :) http://steem.supply


On account of I did not know about it! Thanks for the heads up! Very useful!

Really useful post. I joined Steemit earlier this year but have only just started trying to understand it properly...this was very helpful. Thanks.


Thanks! I'm glad you found it useful. I checked out some of your post I really liked this one! I like the way you took the time to explain your photographs. This is quality photography and great content to go with it! You deserve my follow! CARRY ON my new friend!

An absolute huge thank you,

for posting such increasingly important information 👌✨❗

All of these tools seems mendatory for steemitians, especially for newbies. Being a newbie, following you for further knowledge.


They sure helped me! Thanks for the reply!

Thank you! Especially "who mentioned me" is really awesome.


I'm glad you found it useful!

Wow. I never thought that these tools exist apart from the steem chat. Will try to use them. Thank you for writing this article.


I'm finding many more using Ask Steem. Check it out!


Ok, thank you :), will do.

THanks for this compilation. This is really helpful to monitor our activities here. It helps to know who interacts with us.


Absolutely! I was so lost at first!

What a great informative post. I just joined, and totally grateful for beautiful people like you who care and make it easier for us to navigate through this exciting energy. Your generous giving energy shines the way for others. THANK YOU.


You are way too kind! Thank you!

Thanks man, really useful! Gonna check it all out!

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There would appear to be some fantastically useful sites in here. I already knew about steemd but the rest are completely new to me.


Glad I could help! Carry On!

Nice post.. Very usefull for all steemians


Thank you!

A long list of useful tools. Thanks for the same, particularly because I am just starting out and I can certainly make use of many of these.


You certainly can....forge ahead! You'll be great!

thanks for the info


My Pleasure.

GREAT post. upvoted and shared to our steemit mastermind group. Sincere thanks from this newbie in Northern Thailand.


Wow! I'm honored.....Carry On!

for me Steemd, it's very good so I can follow everything that happens in my account. Excellent data Friend why I rethink this publication. I leave you my last Post

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This is very helpful. Thank you for sharing this @beekerst.


My pleasure my man!