Save the Dots!

4년 전


For the last four months, a slowly increasing quantity of dots has been part of Steemit’s daily ritual. Through thick and thin, good times and bad, rich and poor, someone has continued to squeeze out another dot each day.

I've stared at them for hours, thinking many deep thoughts until my insomnia vanished like magic.

And now the dots have gone dark. Where are you, dots? Our earth has gone flat. We miss you.

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Image credit: @dots

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now that you mention it.. i haven't seen those dots in awhile!

Absolutely tragic. Dots are essential to the fabric of Steem. Please come back!

Maybe @dots has been black-bagged! Oh my god! We must save @dots!

This whole thing with the dots is so absurd and surreal that can actually be the only original art around here. It got me stuck 😆

Where are my dots?

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