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Hi steemians, I would like to try something new. This is just a trial run. This goes like this.

  1. If you like my posts please upvote it and re steem it.

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2)Do this only if you like my post and if satisfied by the content. Please don't do just to please anybody.

3)Then you give your blog post as a comment if you think I need to resteem it.

Give it only if its not a plagiarized one. It should not have nsfw content also

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4)If I like your post I will reblog it. I will not look at your reputation level. (minimum 25 reputation level)

5)If I think it is worth resteeming I will resteem for sure. No random choosing will be there.

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This is done because I know how difficult it will be to get attention in Steemit platform.I think it will be of mutual benefit also.I will myself check your posts.
Pls note- By this I am not compelling anybody to like or comment on my post. Only if you really like it please proceed.Because I would not do it for your posts. And I think its logical also, with 338 followers I think its difficult to check each of your posts. Only you know the quality and originality of your post. Just do it properly and I will help you.

I also honestly don't believe that a newcomer with reputation of 25 cannot be a good writer or could not be successful in steemit.

I just want to give some motivation.I also think its wise if a person resteem your post than a bot. I am from India. That time zone difference also may be an added advantage to get into sight of new people from different timezones.

Pls note-Upvote depends on my voting power.

Again to prevent future conflicts- "Only if I like the posts I will resteem it!"

Convey your opinion about this thought.

Read one of my previous blog to get some confidence.


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@upokafor Good article. I have resteemed your post. Incidently I wrote a similar post before. Pls check this out. All the best in Steemit! Thanks for resteeming my post!


Sorry no! Get some good content. Surely I will resteem your post!


Nice try dear. But you can improve a lot according to me. All the best!