Waiting Attitude

2년 전

Waiting is not easy. Today we want everything instant, right now thing. Patience is hard to find in a person. I remember when I was young and was hungry. I want my mother to feed me soon. My mom use to say "2 minutes" and made me this delicious noodles.


Made my day. Today from young to adults we all want to eat out. We have made ourself to live on instant ways. Home taste has become so common for all. Old recipes are changing with the habits of the new world. Daily, we face issues involving entertainment, dress and grooming, managing money, and getting along with others.

How can we overcome all this existing but not seen activities in our life. Can we teach our children to cook at home than to take a ride and buy from supermarket or restaurants? What will be the benefits and outcomes of our changes to our living will be my communication here on.

Thank you for reading. Share it because you want to share it and you care to share.

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This is a daily conversation in my house with my son. Kids are so used to everything working RIGHT NOW, waiting can sometimes feel like a lost art. lol