Just About Ready For The BETA Launch Of Our Steem-Based DApp, Just In Time For The Arrival Of SMTs


We are just about ready to launch our DApp on here! It is going to take the entire community to ensure that we can help bring the Steem Blockchain into the forefront of people's visions and minds and one of the only ways to do that is to ensure that the creations that live on the blockchain are fun, interactive, exciting, and mind-expanding for people. Our DApp checks off all of those boxes and I'll update you very soon with the details of it! Thanks again for all your patience and continued support!

Keep Hodling or buying Steem; SMTs are JUST AROUND THE CORNER!!! This is a dip. Everything is dipping. We're in a bear market/bear trend. Steem is perfectly fine and has maintained its relative position for the majority of the bear trend. Keep on Steeming!! You're all great and Steem will be made great by us all continuing to interact and utilize the platforms built on the blockchain!


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Those are great news

  ·  작년

I believe in your project and i think you've been working hard on it so the result have to be successful. Regards

@biddle, Brother good to hear from you after sometime, hope that you are fine. Thank you so much for letting us know about the Dapp update. Wishing success to you and stay blessed. 🙂

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It is indeed really great to know about it and to be honest lets see what is awaiting for us and we are indeed for the long term. Hope the SMT's gets to the position that we seek. Looking forward to the coming Dapp of the team of Biddle (I believe).

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