My New Steemit DApp Announcement During The Next 2 Weeks!

2년 전

Quick update for my friends and followers:

  1. IMHO (not financial advice), this is still the time to top up; the scenario that I said could have collapsed Steem price occurred, which was an overall market collapse. That said, I'm going to continue to buy during this bloodbath because I believe it will pay itself off many times over in the future. I'm hodling strong and accumulating.
  2. A new Steemit DApp to promote new ways of content consumption, new content production methods, and new types of ways to allow us to value each other's content, flex-form content I like to call it (as opposed to long-form or short-form content), I will be launching soon. I've been working on this project in my free time here and there and will be launching very soon; there will be a lot of opportunity for people to utilize it for their advantage, their will be opportunities to earn steem, grow your followers, and treat Steemit like the Social Site it should be utilizing this and it will help to spread user adoption outside of Steemit as well.

More to come soon (announcement within 2 weeks - Hodl On and Steem On!)! :)


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Nice work my friend, keep update us

Great i wanna use it. Regards

sounds like an interesting project!

@biddle, Yes, we are waiting and want to explore your Dapp and hope and wish that it will going to be an useful app and also will going provide more value.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

It's been quite a time, good to be back again.