I'm still here guys!


The last few weeks has been hectic and I have not been on Steemit very much and to be honest I have been wondering if I should even continue to post due to my silent frustration with the platform.

I have been on here since March of this year and fell in love with Steemit, but Steemit is hard. I have had one person to actually give me pointers.......one.

I have come to the point of deleting most of the people I followed because I have found them to be very annoying with their posting.
So, I am on the hunt for people I really enjoy reading their content.

I love reading @bluelightbandit @indigoocean @done @shanibeer @ecuadorhomestead @whatsup and a few others.
These people always interact with me. Thank you!

Here I grow again.


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I feel your pain; been around about the same amount of time, and it's sad but true.

The way the rewards are setup, there's the motivation to follow people that could care less about, but they get lots of rewards so, it's good for curation. The people that actually have something worth paying attention to, well, they mostly get lost in the crowd.

Then, not being very active on the platform, there's no real motivation to make elaborate posts since most of the time they will just slide unnoticed into obscurity. (Almost motivates to just go back over old posts and repost them again as new)

All I can really say is good luck in the search...


Thanks for commenting, I really appreciate it.

Thanks for the mention my man. I know it can be frustrating on here but just hang in there, hopefully things will pick up.

Well let me ask you this, have you been cashing out any of your earnings, or powering it all up? Because if you're always powering up, you may like another platform I'm on called Whaleshares.

You can earn much more coin much more quickly on there, but in terms of interaction, you can't withdraw funds for a year and there definitely are more people on here to see and respond to your posts. It's starting over with community building on there.

But my upvote is worth more on there after 2 weeks with me investing zero money in the platform than it is on here after 8 months with my investing a lot in steem.

Just a thought. I miss seeing your comments and posts.


I actually do invest some here which is why I do have a little to give when I do upvote.
I always power up, I have never cashed out.....I believe this is going somewhere.
What is Whaleshares?
I do keep up with you even if I don't comment and that is because I have been so busy cleaning up the mess from the hurricane damage in my own backyard.
You really get my attention.


Are you on discord? It's easier for me to tell you about it on there.


I just messaged you on there. See if you can see my message.

Thanks and I love your name!


Thank you....comes from a big 1970 light blue Ninety Eight Oldsmobile convertible I had back in the day. That's what I called it because it was so big and heavy.

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