PCC Pills Abuse Make 66 People Crazy And 2 Died In Indonesia

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At least 68 children and teenagers in Kendari,Southeast Sulawesi,Indonesia make them crazy like a zombie after consuming PCC pills (paracetamol caffein carisoprodol) in excess. As a result they gain intensive care at the local Mental Hospital. Even as a result of PCC pills, two people died.

Pharmaceutical observer Anthony Charles Sunarjo said the psychological factors of teenagers and children who are still searching for identity causes these teenagers to take PCC pills. Moreover, the desire to get a predicate as a strong teenager adds to their desire to consume PCC pills

Anthony says, the effects of PCC pills if used in excess will make users hallucinate and perform actions that are not controlled as the effects of drug narcotics. Therefore, its use and restrictions must comply with the rules and regulations applicable under the supervision of the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency Of Indonesia

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As a form of anticipation, Anthony Assumed that the Indonesian government can imitate Singapore and Hong Kong, which always show advertisements in the electronic media about appeal to the public. As an appeal not to over-use drugs and prohibit the use of illegal drugs.

For information, the PCC pills is classified as a sedative for heart disease and relaxes muscles that impede pain. However, these drugs can affect the hallucinations up to brain neurological disorders when consumed in excess.

This is video about PCC abuses :

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