Still Got Faith?

2년 전


Just curious if anyone still has faith in steemit, steem or crypto in general?

I have to admit that my faith in all of the above has diminished greatly which is sad.

I've seen respected people going both ways on the topic. Some are encouraging people to ride out the storm while others are saying to get out while you can.

I also see tons of negativity about crypto in the media, no surprise there though.

I'm just wondering what you guys think and are doing? It's awful hard to just sit back and continue watching my money evaporate in to thin air.



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Yep, enough where Iam loading up as much Steem as possible :)

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

Just hodl on.

You know as well as I do...
When a scrust comes a dubblin....
I'm totally right!

I still have faith based on the social aspect. A lot of block chain technologies don't have the actual users ... And here steem is, Kicking ass and taking names.

I still have faith in steem. I refuse to tell people what they should do in terms of investing though as everyone's situation is different. This bear market has been BRUTAL, no doubt about it.

I (we) do, this is a marathon buddy!