Steemit Chess Rules&Format!

4년 전

I will list the Rules&Format we usually use in the Steemit Chess Tournaments, however if you want some part of the Rules listed below changed, comment your suggestion and if majority of the participants agree we can still change it. We can change the duration of the tournament, the duration of the matches and so on...

  • Reminder! If you want to check out when the next Steemit Chess Tournament is head over HERE.

  • You can check the The Prize Pool HERE.


The tournament will be a Swiss-system tournament. So, you better beat as many people as you can during the 60 minutes the tournament will last and gather as many points as you can! 7 minute matches + 1 second/move. You will be notified when the tournament starts, so it is safe to play in another tab while waiting.

Is it rated?

No, it is not rated, the outcome of this tournament will not affect your lichess ranking

How are scores calculated?

A win has a base score of 2 points, a draw: 1 point, and a loss is worth no points. If you win two games consecutively you will start a double point streak, known as a Streak Starter. The following games will continue to be worth Double Points until you fail to win a game. That is, a win will be worth 4 points, a draw: 2 points, and a loss will remain worth no points. For example, two wins followed by a draw will be worth 6 points: 2 + 2 + (2 x 1)

Arena Berserk

When a player clicks the Berserk button at the beginning of the game, they lose half of their clock time, but the win is worth one extra tournament point. Going Berserk in time controls with an increment also cancels the increment. (1+2 is an exception, it gives 1+0) Berserk is not available for games with zero initial time (0+1, 0+2). Berserk only grants an extra point if you play at least 7 moves in the game.

How is the winner decided?

The player(s) with the most points at the conclusion of the tournament's set time limit will be announced winner(s).

How does the pairing work?

At the beginning of the tournament, players are paired based on their rating. As soon as you finish a game, return to the tournament lobby: you will then be paired with a player close to your ranking. This ensures minimum wait time, however you may not face all other players in the tournament. Play fast and return to the lobby to play more games and win more points.

How does it end?

The tournament has a countdown clock. When it reaches zero, the tournament rankings are frozen, and the winner is announced. Games in progress must be finished, however they don't count for the tournament.

Other important rules.

You are required to make your first move within 20 seconds of your turn. Failing to make a move in this time will forfeit the game to your opponent.
Drawing the game within the first 10 moves of play will earn neither player any points.

Any of the funds gathered by this post will be used to fund future tournaments & contests!

A Special Thanks to @marty-art for Providing the Awesome Chess Pictures and to @schamangerbert for the Promoting and Financial help!

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Thank you. Hope to see you tomorrow at the tournament. I will give URL and Password for it tomorrow 1 hour before start.


thanks... but I m conducting a tournament on Sunday so will travel there.... on bike so not possible to join this one :( but defiantly next one.. I will share pics of my rural tournament...

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