The Prize Pool!

4년 전


The Prize Pool for the 6th Steemit Chess Tournament will look as follows:

  • 2 SBD + 50% of the collected SBD(from my Posts) for the Winner.

  • 1.1 SBD + 30% of the collected SBD(from my Posts) for 2nd place holder.

  • 0.800 SBD + 20% of the collected SBD(from my Posts) for 3rd place holder.

Date and Time:

Saturday - 26/08/2017 at 20:00 GMT.

  • Note - All times are in GMT( Greenwich Mean Time )

If you want to convert your time in GMT head over here.

How to enter the tournament?

  • Upvote!
    (100% of the SBD collected will go to the prize pool)

  • Resteem!
    ( Share this post so more people can join and the prize pool will grow.)

  • Comment if you are willing to participate!
    ( It will be helpful if you drop what date/times it's best for you to play so I can adjust accordingly to this info the best date/time for the Tournaments)

Any of the funds gathered by this post will be used to fund future tournaments & contests!

Big thanks to @marty-art for providing the awesome chess pictures and to @schamangerbert for the promoting and financial help!

More updates to follow soon!

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I'm a decent chess player.. sign me up


The tournament starts in 45 minutes :) I hope to see you there. You can find the link and password in my last post.


You are more than welcome! Thx for the upvote and resteem.

Upvoted & resteemed! I may be joining next Saturday, although I can't promise, @bmwaso! Would love to tourney again :)


And I would love to see you compete again :) Last time you played really good.

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Good Luck!

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