Back into Steemit


It's been a while, my last post maybe last year, i couldn't remember and i am to lazy to check. Nom, I am back with Steemit, and hopefully i will consistently post my thoughts or updates here while thinking on suitable topic in my other blog and also, my youtube content. I am a beginner in youtube, will talk about this later.

I was introduced to steemit somewhere in 2018 and was an active user for few months. I stopped because of my busy schedule and also some personal problem. To be honest, i was told by a friend that this platform is another platform for making money online. Well, generally yes if we are able to write good contents and know the strategy well. For now, I don't really look into making money purpose, because there is no easy way to make money. It require a lot of hardwork. Some might be successful, some might be not.

Steemit is a platform for me to share my opinion, story and some random stuff just for fun. For those who are still active with Steemit, please say hi.

Disclaimer: Anything that i post (will post) here is just my general thought and not meant to harm anybody. You can agree and disagree but sometimes agree to disagree is good where from that point, we could develop our way of thinking. For me, everyone of us could be right and could be wrong.


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