The Great Migration

11개월 전

I added a couple pics from my travels to enjoy

I've decided to migrate over to a new account on here, though there might still be some stuff on this account. If there is anyone who still follows me on here, who is still active... Please follow my other account @guurg.

I've been studying Japanese for quite a while now on and off. If I continue that series, it'll probably be on here and then everything else will likely be on @guurg.

I'm also working on something else and bought up a name for that purpose, but I'm a ways off from doing it as it requires some... other investment.

Sorry for writing a very I/me heavy post. Really, you are the star of this show.


@guurg // @brains

P.S. Here's a pic I took at DDM in San Diego a couple years ago. Never ended up writing about it, but I want to post more of the photos I've got rotting away.
P.P.S. LMK what you think of the pics ;)


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You joined around the same time I did. I am glad to see you back under whatever name you choose. Nice post!

great to see a update here after such a long long time


Yeah, life has been a bit hectic for a very long time. X . X
Glad to see you're still active. Seems like a lot of people dropped off.


Hey -Brains. It is partly because of the time of year with the holidays coming up and the rest of the slump is due to the price of Steem. All the best.

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