BrandonFrye Upvote Bot Recharging ⌛

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The BrandonFrye Upvote Bot is Down... Momentarily

As you guys probably know by now, when HardFork 20 was launched it took into account past upvotes and other transactions on our accounts. This shouldn't have happened... but it did. And since it did, most of us are now waiting on our accounts to recharge.

My Resource Credits are now up to 100%, but I'm still waiting on my Voting Power to go up to 100% before I can disable maintenance mode for my upvote bot. Those who submit bids (in the meantime) will have those bids immediately refunded with a message that says, "Upvote Bot is Currently Disabled".

Keep an eye on as I will re-enable my bot there as soon as my account has fully recovered. But it needs to hit 100% voting power first. This could take a few days, depending on how quickly the RC system equalizes (or my account replenishes). Btw, this has affected everyone.. including whales. Don't believe those out there saying that Steemit is only for the whales. We all have been impacted by this botched launch. Just give it some time to work itself out, that's really all we can do at this point.

PS - Yes, I love this blockchain and I love this platform. But I refuse to be one of those witnesses who only congratulates Steem Inc. for the jobs well done. We need to hold them (and ourselves) accountable when mistakes are made, and better yet, learn from those mistakes. Things are taking place (on a witness level) to ensure this never happens again. I think it goes without saying, but testing is a MUST for future releases of the blockchain.

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Let's just say that everything, including mistakes, are vital parts of achieving success. As long as there are whales who believes in this platform, minnows like us will hold on to it. 🤗

you know me. i’d upvote this post like i always do. but yup even us minnows got slapped because of the hardfork. so i need to wait over 2 days before i’m back to normal.

sucks but if it’s the best for the long term here on steem, it’s a small price to pay.

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Yeah hold off on those upvotes for now. Not worth draining your account back to zero lol. And for sure, it’ll take some time to work itself out and then it’ll be water under the bridge. 😎

Yeah, my vote power isn't even at 50 and my RC just above 50. I guess it is taking about a week because that is how long vote power usually takes to recover.

The wait continues but it has been rathering fun seeing how some members of the community continue to engage despite knowing that the likelyhood of getting an upvote is low! I have been entertained by many posts out there and like that we have been shaken a bit as we need to destroy things sometimes to be build something better!

Hello Brandon,

I just started a new guild. The name of it is Comic Book Curators Guild.

The vision for Comic Book Curators guild is to create a self contained eco system (community) that does not have to rely on voting bots to reward authors, and curators for quality comic related content. We pay each other and we all share in the profits as it relates to comic content. I'm trying to grow the member ship and bring in more authors and followers. Is this a project that you might consider getting behind?
Do you have any ideas on how I can grow the membership?

Here is a link to my latest post for the guild below.