Upvote Bot Back Online Tomorrow 11am EST

9개월 전


Charging Almost Complete...

As of tomorrow at 11am EST my account's voting mana should be fully charged. This means that the upvote bot will go back online and the service will continue as normal. This also means that our delegators will begin receiving payouts again by Monday 3pm EST which is great!..

Screen Shot 2018-09-29 at 11.54.58 AM.png

Thank you to everyone for your patience as we've worked through these HardFork 20 updates. It certainly didn't go as smoothly as we would've liked, but these changes should bring some nice improvements for the blockchain and set us up for a brighter future ahead!

Be sure to keep an eye on www.SteemBotTracker.com as my account will become listed once it's active again.

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Damn. It was so nice not having the bots around.

Thanks for the information. You do a good job.

Hi Brandon, I found my way here from youtube after searching steemit delegation. I am very interested in delgating some sp to up-vote bot. How do I proceed? Thanks


Hi @bitminter, glad to connect! :)

You can use www.steembottracker.com to delegate to my account and receive daily payouts in SBD & Steem. Just click Tools -> Delegation Manager, insert your username as the delegator, and input my username (brandonfrye) as the Delegatee.

Be sure to leave at least 20SP in your account for daily transactions/activity. 30+ would even be better. :)


Perfect and thank you very very much! I have delegated, think I did it correctly. Thanks for the info and great opportunity I think Upvote bot has lots of potential. Cheerz

Hey, Brandon. Are you still around and doing the witness thing?