What Crypto will I invest in the near future?

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Hello guys today I am doing something different. I thought maybe I should write about some of my thoughts, I had in recent time.

Now I am still a student and my finance is very limiited, but I truely think it is the best for my future to something with my money. Because just holding my money in my bank account doesn't do me any favor since i don't even really need it; it just kinda sorta floats around the deep finance stream and does nothing.

And thats why I said to myself:

I really need to do something with my money. Even if i manage to olse all of it, it is still better than doing nothing and regretting all my decisions later down the road.

"But where do I even start?" was one of my questions I had in mind. But this was almost instantly solved as I got a Youtube video Recomendation of @jerrybanfield 's Introduction to Steem.
And that's where I am now. Feeling pretty comfy here with all the nice people around here sharing awesome content and being overall very supportive.
With that said Steem is just one of MANY ALTCOINS and the more I researched the more I was surprsied to see what awesome projects are connected with their Crypto's. Today i wanna show you two projects i am very intrested in and why i consider stacking up some of their coins.

SIA - Siacoin


Cloud Storage is a really big player in the last few years. With Google Drive,Icloud and Dropbox almost everyone has a small Cloud space, to store all your Photos and Files. But there are some drawbacks right now.

What if you want more space?

The only practical solution to have all your files on one big platform, is to simply buy more storage. But these aren't cheap. For a few TB of storage it is not uncommon to spend well over 100$ PER MONTH. For the average User this is insane and in no way applicable.

What about my Security?

As of right now all major companies state that they only store your data and have in no way permission to look through your files. But let's be real here for a second. All your data is stored UNSCURED on their storage and a simple change in the License Agreement can make file sniffing a true reality.

Now personally i really don't trust Cloud Services the only exception was MEGA Cloud, since it was encrypted with a Private Key. However they have their own legal troubles and it is uncertain if their Services will stay around in the future.
But what do you do now in this situation?

This is where SIA comes in play.
SIA is a open source cloud storage where every user can submit PC's to be used as storage space. Your content will all be neatly encrypted and can only be accessed, if the private key is obtained which only you the enduser has. So no one except you can open your files. There is no company behind everything that can track down your files since it's decentralized and spread throughout the world.
Also the prices are reportedly ridiciously cheap. According to the SIA Team the price will be around 15$/month for 5TB.
That is unbeatable.

Do you have a small PC and a drive that is currently not in use? Than set up SIA and offer your storage space for some Siacoins.
It's an ecosystem that, if it hit's a certain amount of users, can revolutionize the way Cloud storage with it's disruptive idea.

Siacoins are right now extremly cheap with one Siacoin only costing around one penny. ONE PENNY. You can easily stack up some coins right now.


Golem - GNT


The second one peeked my intrest as I was in a situation where I could've benefited great time from this project.
Golem is a Service that wants to bring "Supercomputers" to our every day life. The idea is similar to SIA. Golem offers a service, where decentralized Pc's from every contributor around the world are connected to get some sort of Supercomputer, that can be used to Render, Videos, 3D Models, Compile and so much more.

A few days ago I finished a 3D model for lecture and it needs to be rendered. Since it was quite a long animation, it had many frames, that need to be created. And since i wanted it in the best possible resolution i knew it would take me a long time. But the thing was I only able to use a moderate laptop that is not designed to be used for render work. In short it took me multiple attempts and three whole days until I was finished.

With Golem it would be done in no time.

Right now there aren't many similiar services that could offer the mount of power flexibility Golem would provide. And again the price would be way cheaper than anything comparable.

I am confident that this service will be useful for many projects in many different areas: film making, animation, simulation, compiling, AI and much more...

1 WFMUdTv7l5Au8hfHn1bBAw.png

Now i know this is only a small amount and there is much to look around but please tell me. Do you know any other wickedly crazy but awesome crypto projects. Do you have any recommendations in general? Please post it down in the comment section.

If you liked what you just read, I would really appreciate an Upvote from you.
Thank you for reading my article and I wish you a nice day :)


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Man it took me far longer than it should have to get that xD

But thanks man

Great article.
Both SC and GNT has the potential for sure.

You might want to check out BAT as well. (BasicAttentionToken)
It was sold out in 33 seconds, and the developer team behind it is just insane. Currently, it has no use, so the price is dropping but look ​at the great side. You can buy it for dirt cheap.
You can see some updated of the current process in my thread: https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@ragnartheking/what-do-you-guys-think-about-bat#comments


Thank you :)

Funny i thought the same. It's better for me buy in when it's cheap, since i am already limited in my spenings.

  ·  3년 전

I have around 20.000 SIA, I think it is a good project!


My plan was also to buy around 10.000 to 20.000 SIA.

Thank you for the information! Followed