Leave work at work

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Especially today, bringing work home is an expectation for some professions. Almost everyone has a smartphone and can receive work related e-mails instantly which they are expected to reply to instantly. Unlike the days of yore where memos were left on your desk after leaving for the day, now those memos go straight to your phone which is always close by.

This cuts into our much needed leisure time which is harmful for mental health. This also effects family time and makes people less present to the demands of parenting and maintaining a marriage. The behavior of too much cell phone use and not leaving work at work also instills our children with poor habits regarding technology. Generation Alpha (children of millenials) will have more access to technology than any previous generation (Sterbenz, 2015). Thereby it is of the upmost importance that appropriate habits are instilled into them at a young age.


Sterbenz, C., (2015) Here's who comes after Generation Z — and they'll be the most transformative age group ever. Retrieved http://www.businessinsider.com/generation-alpha-2014-7-2

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Generation Alpha (children of millenials) will have more access to technology than any previous generation (Sterbenz, 2015).
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