BCI Summit 2019 Opportunity for the Steemit Network!


In my last post, I mentioned the cryptocurrency and blockchain conference BCI Summit, which has exploded in popularity despite the underlying sector's volatility.

Yes, bitcoin prices are down, but the most crucial factor is not valuation, but rather, integration. With blockchain technology, disparate industries, ranging from healthcare to video games can enjoy the benefits associated with decentralized distributed-public ledgers.

Admittedly, the personally relevant component about this conference is that I've been invited to next year's edition, which takes place May 10th through May 12th at New York City.

Adding to the intrigue, BCI Summit 2019 is INVITATION ONLY!

Best of all, with your help, we can drive forward the Steemit opportunity!

What I'm seeking to accomplish here on Steemit is to crowd-fund a small team to attend this groundbreaking conference. In addition to the flocks of cryptocurrency advocates that will join us, BCI Summit stands out from the crowd for attracting traditional, mainstream power-brokers.

The primary media partners in the blockchain sphere for BCI Summit 2019 are Cointelegraph and BTCmanager. But they've also snagged The Wall Street Journal, which is a whale-snagging if I've ever seen one! Indirectly through me, I'd like to push for InvestorPlace coverage, drawing even more eyeballs.

As for Steemit, this is a unique blockchain opportunity that has proven, established validity. While the platform has succeeded in driving engagement from crypto adherents, the next step in its evolution requires mainstream backing.

After all, we can preach to the choir, or we can evangelize a whole new audience!

Once again, I'd appreciate your upvotes and any efforts to broadcast this opportunity!

As you know, cryptocurrencies are in for a rough ride, and who knows how long this bear market will last?

Fortunately, the Steemit network is much more than a platform for speculation. If we get this message out to the power-brokers and mainstream influencers at BCI Summit 2019, we give ourselves a chance to separate Steemit from the usual casino mentality!

Thank you all, and I look forward to updating you on the next leg of this journey!
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Good to see you posting around here again!

Long time no read.
Glad to see you around.
I think you need to write more at this present time due to the nature of the crypto sphere.
Great conference to attend.
Keep us posted.

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